5 Fun Date Ideas for Couples to Keep the Spark Burning


We’ve all seen it in films. One of the critical changes that affect the relationship, in the long run, is the fading of the spark, excitement, and romance. Of course, it’s also necessary to drive the plot to be more interesting, but if Hollywood got something right when it comes to relationship problems, it’s this. Most relationships start to fail when the spark runs out, and the effort to keep it alive in the long run becomes less compared to when the relationship just started. The sudden shift in the relationship is typical, but here are a few ideas to keep the fun and excitement in the relationship:

Try a new restaurant together.

If something gets too structured and stiff in your relationship, it’s always advisable to try something new together, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by trying a new restaurant together. Nothing could go wrong with bonding over food, and it’s a guarantee to be a memorable one to cherish, whether it’d be a good or bad experience. It might also bring some freshness back to the relationship when deciding where to eat was the most challenging part of the relationship.

Host a party together.

There’s a saying that if something gets too overwhelming, a change of scenery would greatly help. And one of the best and unique ways to spend time with your partner is to host a party. Seeing familiar faces again, catching up with your friends, and having fun together is a great way to have a fresh perspective and environment. There might also be memories that would be resurfacing, and you’d be reminiscing together from seeing old friends that were present during the early stages of your relationship, and even memorable ones before you got together. There are several party venues that you could choose to host your party at, just in case you’d want to escape dish duties.

couple camping

Go camping together.

You and your partner can always turn to mother nature to spend some quality time together. Camping as a couple is a unique experience; not only would it be romantic, but it would also give the two of you an intimate space away from all the problems in the city. It’s also a great way to reconnect with yourselves individually, and always an excellent choice for social media detox. Stargazing is also a bonus and incredibly romantic.

Watch a new movie together.

There are also options for our introverted couples out there. You can always pick a random movie and watch it together for the first time. Randomly choosing ones with the worst reviews and making fun of it together is a great way to switch things around.

Sing karaoke together.

Singing together is believed to be one of the activities that strengthen bonds between couples, or even friends. It’s also a fun activity that you both can enjoy, and something that not a lot of people would consider doing on a regular date, and would be refreshing and fun for the both of you.

Butterflies and romance in a relationship would not always be present in the grandest and movie-like ways. Still, it can be rekindled by putting in enough effort to keep the excitement going even for long periods in your unique ways!

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