5 Tips to Prepare for a First Date

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Getting to know someone for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. There’s always that nervousness before the first date that you just can’t get rid of. You’ll be scrambling for a good outfit to wear, spending time getting your hair done, and imagining how you’ll be making your introductions.

But all this is normal. There’s no shame in feeling nervous for a first date, but you’ll find that you’re less anxious and more comfortable after that first introduction. Whether a dating app, a friend, or a professional matchmaker set up your first date, here are tips on how you can prepare for it.

Don’t do a background check

Whenever you read tips on how to prepare for something, there’s always going to be that pointer telling you to do your research beforehand. But this is not like a job interview or attending a business conference. It’s going on your first date; hence, the “research beforehand” rule does not apply here.

Social media is deceiving. It may be tempting to look someone up online and stalk them a little. But try to stop yourself from doing so. Instead, get to know them in person. You’ll get a deeper and more meaningful understanding of who they really are, without the masks they put on in social media sites.

Plan the location of your date

couple talkingThe location of your date is going to play a big role in setting the mood and encouraging the conversation. So if you’re in charge of picking the place, you want to choose somewhere nice and quiet. A first date is about talking and getting to know each other. That means a loud bar is out of the question. Choose a place where you can communicate uninterruptedly, like a coffee shop or fancy restaurant.

Dress appropriately

The location of your date will dictate how you’re going to dress. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, then you want to go with semi-formal attire. If you’re meeting in a coffee shop, you don’t want to overdress, so you go with something casual. But wherever you choose to spend your night, make sure you dress appropriately.

Look for an attire that portrays who you are as a person. More than trying to impress who you’re going out with, you want to be yourself and show what you like through your choice of outfit. Remember that first impressions count.

Ask questions

Probably the most nerve-wracking part about going on a first date is finding something to talk about. Awkward silences are the worse, and it’s going to play a huge role in determining the possibility of a second date. So as much as possible, you want to keep your conversation flowing.

It may be hard to find things to talk about with a person you just met. But remind yourself of the purpose of the first date, which is to get to know each other. Share about your life experiences, what you do, your interests, etc. But be careful not to blabber on about yourself. Make sure you ask your date to talk about their lives, too.

Have fun

Again, going on a date is not showing up for a job interview, so be careful not to be too rehearsed or professional. This experience should not feel stressful. The most important part of it all is enjoying yourself and having fun. The conversation will naturally flow if both of you are relaxed and comfortable.

The first date is always the most terrifying. But if you prepare well and just enjoy it, there’s a great chance of bagging that second date.

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