Building Eden: Benefits of and Tips on Growing a Backyard Garden


Before we started building bridges, buildings, and roads, we lived as if we were one with nature. While we definitely needed these recent advancements in technology that have propelled our race’s progress towards a better quality of life, we also ended up feeling a bit more stressed with the demands of life.

Don’t worry. It’s actually possible for us to enjoy the advantages of technology, go back to our nature-loving selves, and feel a significant reduction in stress all at once. It sounds too good to be true, right? It’s almost as if living in paradise. Well, you would be if you built your own garden of Eden.

Tips on Building Eden

If you haven’t tried gardening before, it’s not uncommon to feel a little bit overwhelmed. That’s perfectly fine. A paradise is not built overnight. There’s always a process that you need to take to see the most beautiful things the world has to offer, and below are some tips on how you can make that happen.


Before anything else, you may want to consider the location where you plan on growing your garden. There are services that install commercial lawns or landscape your area to ensure that your garden grows beautifully. Landscaping is vital because it will act like a map or a plan on how you want your garden to look.


Every seed is special, and no two different seeds are planted in the same way. Before you plant your seeds, conduct adequate research on how a seed is supposed to be planted. You can also try purchasing seedlings where there are already little sprouts of the plant on the surface. This will make it easier for you to plant them.

Thin Your Plants

Plants need nutrients to survive, and the problem with that is if you have plants of different sizes, they will fight for the resources available. That means that bigger plants would most likely get the nutrients and leave your smaller plants with little to no nourishment. Make sure that you thin or trim your plants regularly to the appropriate size.


Lighting Needs

Although there are certain types of plants that do not need sunlight, most of them do. It would also be best to conduct enough research on the types of plants in your garden to determine how much sunlight they need each day. You can then move them to a different location accordingly, depending on their lighting needs.

Adjust to the Climate

If you noticed that some of your plants are drying out despite having them watered before you left early in the morning, it might be because of the weather. During the summer, make sure that you adjust your water allocation to accommodate your plants’ watering needs. The hot climate would most likely dehydrate your plants, which means they would need more water as well.

Benefits of Gardening

Many people who are unfamiliar with gardening would often scratch their heads and wonder what’s so great about this activity that people seem to go crazy about it. There are plenty of reasons why having a garden at home is important, but perhaps the benefits below would give you a general idea.

Better Sleep

Gardening is a form of exercise. In fact, you burn around 300 calories if you tend to garden for 30 to 45 minutes each day. Because of this, gardening tends to make you generally healthier, and with the amount of exercise that you get every single day, you can say goodbye to those sleepless nights.

A Breather

When everything around us seems to be rushing, gardening provides us with an avenue to take a breather. With the city’s buzzing life, our gardens would serve as a recluse and give us the pause we need to appreciate the little things in life again. In addition to this, gardening boosts our moods as well. It’s definitely the paradise that we need when everything else seems chaotic.


There’s a certain level of pride in growing your own food, but more than that, it’s the sustainability that really matters. You wouldn’t have to go to the supermarket again to buy a vegetable that you need to cook your favorite recipe because you can now find it in your own backyard. Growing different types of fruit is also advantageous because you get to save a lot of money, and you can have a healthier snack just by picking them out of your garden.

It’s a rather common belief of people that gardening is quite boring. However, when you consider the benefits of gardening and the work that comes into building one, you will eventually realize that it’s one of the best recreational activities we could ever take on. What are you waiting for? Your own Eden is waiting for you outside.

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