Castling: Protecting Your Home When You Travel for Vacation

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Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the things that COVID has deprived people of is the luxury of traveling. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been traveling restrictions and many people have been stuck in their homes. Thankfully, some of the bans have been lifted. Because of this, many people have started considering vacations.

Going on a vacation with your loved one or on your own is a great idea, no doubt. Before you do, make sure that your home is secure in your absence.

Let’s let you in on something. About once every 26 seconds, a burglary is taking place in America. Many of which happen due to negligence from the homeowner. That’s why you simply can’t leave your home unguarded when you go on vacation.

Below are ways to protect your castle, ramping up house protection when you need it most.

Fortify Your Castle

Secure all entry points into your home: doors, windows, gates, and even your garage. When all these entry points are locked securely, a burglar would take time to open them. As a result, the chances of it being ransacked slims down.

For the doors and windows, make sure it is locked and closed tightly. As for the gate ensure that it’s locked as well. If you have a problem with your gate ensure you fix it before you leave. Calling an expert on metal works should be wise. They help with fixing the gate and installing fences. Best of all, they can keep things in shape in no time.

While for garages, make sure you secure the doors. If there is a system for opening your garage, make sure it’s disabled. That’s because it can be hacked if it’s armed.

Feign Your Absence

When you go on a vacation, don’t give out hints you are not home. There are little things that can be done that would give the feel that you are home.

First, ensure there’s proper maintenance of your home. Let the lawn be mowed and the flowers trimmed. You can simply pay someone to come to do the job from time to time while you’re away.

Another thing you can do is set a timer for the lights to come on. With this, people think you are home even when you’re not. Also, leave at least one car for people to see. When they see your car they guess you are probably home.

And then for the mailbox, get someone to come pick them up from time to time. It also goes for deliveries. Having an overflowing mailbox is a hint you’re not home.


Secure Valuables

Even after guarding your home, make sure you secure valuables. Get a safe box you can put your valuables into. And then hide the box in a place no one would ever suspect. Or you can leave them with a relative. That way if anything ever goes wrong and there’s a break-in, your valuables remain secure.

Another brilliant way to secure your valuables is to use the services of a safe deposit box. Of course, you will end up paying for it but the fee would be minimal compared to the cost if you lose the treasure.

Double Check Your Security System

We all know that security cameras are good for warning off intruders in your home. So, get the security system to start working. And when you do, make sure they can be seen by all. When the intruders see the cameras and they see it’s functioning they don’t make your house the target. Of course, they never want to get caught.

You can as well opt for a monitoring system. This is quite important when it comes to protecting your home while away. The good thing is, there are so many options you can pick from. Some even offer you the chance of watching a live video of your home from anywhere on the planet. 

In the long run, you can be sure that monitoring systems are great investments, especially when you travel a lot. 

Don’t Announce Your Vacation to the World

One thing you shouldn’t do is leak out your plans on social media. Doing so can make your house vulnerable to intruders. So, save the pictures for later when you’re back from vacation. Lay low until you’re back.

A little foresight can go a long way to keep things in order. And everyone sleeping safe and sound in your castle.

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