Elements of a Home Gym That Will Motivate You to Work Out

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If you are one of those who have led a sedentary lifestyle for a while now, perhaps the extra pounds you have put on and the general lack of exercise are making you feel nasty in your skin. Even so, you find it extremely difficult to hop back onto a lifestyle with at least regular moderate exercise. Starting is always a mental struggle to get past those thoughts that limit you like not losing weight as fast as you want to or fearing that you will just give up along the way wasting all your previous effort.

If you are working from home, chances are maintaining a healthy routine has been rough for you. Gyms in your area operate erratically due to changing local quarantine orders. The most viable option for most people is to find ways to be active at home.

The hesitance could also come from being inadequately armed for the battle, that is, having no equipment to maximize your performance when working out. Allow us to take the guesswork from you so you can enjoy working out in the comforts of your home. Depending on your fitness goals and needs, here are some tips on choosing workout tools and equipment:

Yoga Mat

Equipment-free workouts are a no-fail option for anyone wanting to ease their way to more intense exercise regimens. What makes equipment-free exercises like yoga or low-intensity cardio less intimidating than some sports or equipment-assisted activities, is that you do not have to push yourself too hard to exactly copy positions from the get-go. Instructors are always first to tell you that yoga is a holistic journey wherein you slowly complete yourself by being more aware of your body and its potential to achieve greater things more than superficial ones like losing extra pounds.

Although practically equipment-free, exercises like yoga and Pilates would require you to perform on hard ground. A yoga mat that is long and wide enough for you to lie down is a must-have if you plan to commit to a meditative and core-balancing lifestyle.

A mat that provides comfortable cushioning particularly for your tailbone and your head are qualities you want to look for when purchasing the roll for you. You would need that extra comfort under your forearms for long planks and your back for those abdomen-killing sit-ups. A color or pattern that boosts your mood is a secondary quality.


There are various weights you could start with. To choose a dumbbell weight, consider one that you can comfortably lift for up to six rounds. If you plan to proceed to muscle toning and strength, choose one that you can comfortably lift for up to 12 to 15 rounds.

To snip the dilemma of whether to purchase dumbbells or a kettlebell, a dumbbell stands out for doing basic arm workouts, usually, those wherein your elbows serve as pivots. Also, dumbbells allow you to engage both biceps independently whereas you can only do so for at least one arm or both toward the same movements with a kettlebell. On the other hand, a kettlebell challenges your core more, for one, because you have to keep the metal ball from hitting your thighs or arms.

Although not necessarily weight, yoga blocks are becoming more commonplace in home gyms because of their versatility. You can lift it or prop parts of your body on it to help you achieve your best yoga positions.

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Push-Up Board

So, you have engaged your core and feel like you could tone up your arms? It’s just about right that you incorporate push-ups into your workout routine. A tool that can maximize the benefits of push-ups is a push-up board.

Unlike push-ups without any tool assistance, using a push-up board can help you develop muscles outside your arms. Depending on which holes you place your handlebars on, you could tone your shoulders, chest, back, and even your core. Many athletes vouch for the enhanced safety push-up boards provide as compared to conventional push-ups which could injure the wrist and require them to sign up for a sports recovery program.


A treadmill is a big-ticket but, otherwise, a very worthy investment. The reason for this is you do not require professional training to jog or run. If you are on the fence about shelling out a big amount on an electronic treadmill, consider a more lightweight non-motorized treadmill.

What sets these manual pieces is their portability. You can prop it wherever you fancy working out for the day. Feeling stuffy? You can set it upright in your yard.

During lazy days, you could opt for just a 30-minute walk. At times, you may feel like you do not want to get started but, always, you will feel the past 30 minutes were well-spent because of the refreshing release of tension you got from the tread.

Digital Tools

Aside from the unlimited workout videos, you can access online through your phone or cast to your home gym television, digital fitness tools wherein you can receive real-time workout guidance and interact with your coach have also been on the rise.

Exercise, as they say, ‘kills’ you temporarily, but keeps you alive for longer. To be aided with the right tools could make the experience more gratifying.

We believe that style and wellness go hand in hand. We are passionate about helping individuals embrace their unique fashion sense while leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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