Extraordinary Career Ideas For Women

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As you may know, men have broader career opportunities because they can do jobs that need physical strength. But as a woman, did you know that there are unique career options for you out there? Yes, apart from the conventional ways to earn money, women can also take on other opportunities.

Because of the growing economic demands, women try different career paths in fields for men. Many women are trying to break barriers by working in male-dominated jobs in various industries. Here are some extreme jobs that would challenge your strength as a woman:


Not afraid of bugs or termites? Then being an exterminator may be a side hustle that you’ll enjoy. People hire exterminators to remove insects or bugs in the house. Most of the crawlies they get rid of include mice, snakes, bees, raccoons, and rats.    You’ll need to undergo training learning how to use pesticides and other products. As a trainee, you will learn how to handle animal behavior and do the job from beginning to end. Yet, if you have allergies to pesticides or bees, this may not be an ideal job for you.

Crime Related Fields

As years go by, more and more women take careers in the field of catching criminals. Ideally, you need to finish a degree in criminology to start a career in the police department. Being in the police department is the first step if you want to put bad guys behind bars.

But of course, this career won’t be easy. It requires continuous learning through classes and personal experience to do the job well. Hunting down criminals used to be a job for men only, but it’s also a job that even women can manage these days.

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Construction Field

It’s not surprising that women also have the heart for building and constructing. The construction field is also one of the few careers that males dominate. But don’t let that stop you from starting a career in the construction industry.

What’s great about being in construction is the variety of careers to choose from. You can be a forklift operator, carpenter, welder, and many more. Though it will need extensive training, what you will learn in constructing could come in handy if you need to fix your own house.

After your training, you must pass the CSCS test, a top requirement for all people working in the construction field. Luckily, you can now book a CSCS health and safety test online. So, start improving your skills and catch up on the construction basics to pass the test.

Hauling and Collecting Trash

In most cases, sanitation and trash collection are jobs for men. Why? Because trash collection requires physical strength and endurance. In addition, they work regardless of the weather situation; raining, snowing, and summer heat.

However, despite the challenges it poses, many women still find this job appealing. After all, collecting garbage pays well in most areas, allowing workers to earn more in exchange for physical strength. Many low-income employees quit their jobs to start a career in sanitation.


With the progressive development in technology, many women are encouraged to start a career in IT. Like men, women need to earn a certificate or degree in the field before taking up an IT career. They need to have extensive knowledge in computer science, cyber security, and information technology to succeed in this field.

A career in IT can be an exciting and thrilling experience for any woman. It will allow you to work on the internet, design a website, develop mobile apps, produce games, and many more. Quite frankly, this career will empower women to make a significant difference in the world as they earn good money.

Animal Trainer

You can use your love for animals as an advantage to start a career in animal training. The main job of animal trainers is to teach animals security, obedience, or assisting disabled people. They help animals be familiar with basic words and respond to human commands.

Animal trainers work with dogs and horses most of the time, but their expertise can extend to some work with marine life. It’s a job that does not discriminate and is open for men and women. Yet, it still requires training so you can learn how to handle different animal behaviors.

We live in an era where it’s accepted that women are just as capable as men. With dedication and proper training, you can get your dream job even though it’s a career dominated by men. Don’t let your fears stop you from being extraordinary. Remember, gender can never tell if what someone is capable of.

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