Get Creative with These Popular Pizza Toppings


When it comes to the best slice of pizza, it usually boils down to what toppings go in there. The good news is you have so many options that you can always make a pizza that suits your taste, preference, budget, and even your personality.

These are five of the most popular, delicious best pizza toppings:

1. Meat

Pepperoni, sausage, or ground beef is some of the recommended toppings for pizza. Pepperoni flat meat comes from pork, which has been ground to produce small pieces before being cut into little squares and applied to pizzas.

When cooked with other fresh vegetables, pepperoni makes an excellent topping as it creates a unique flavor that many users enjoy. While pepperonis are mostly square-shaped, sausages are normally long ad chunky, so there’s a lot of meat in every bite.

Bacon is also another type of meat you can likely find in a pizza. It is thicker than pepperoni or sausage but comes in small pieces, making it easy to apply to a pizza. Cured, smoked, and cooked bacon makes an excellent choice of topping because it tastes so good with other ingredients such as tomatoes.

2. Sauces

Besides meat, another topping that most pizza lovers enjoy is tomato sauce. This food condiment comes in different flavors and tastes, depending on the brand. However, the best pizza place is likely to make their sauce from scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients. These include the holy trinity: tomatoes, basil, and salt.

A different type of sauce commonly found on pizzas is white sauce, which is also sometimes called Alfredo sauce. This topping consists of cream, cheese, and butter, while some add additional ingredients such as mushrooms or bacon for more flavor.

White sauce, when added to a favorite pizza, can make an ordinary-looking pie look much better than it normally would be without applying this simple ingredient. It makes for a creamy sauce.

Many people like pizzas simply because they come in different flavors, and often, tomato sauce is not enough for them. The need for more unique tastes of pizzas led to the popularity of more unusual sauces like garlic, hot chili pepper, or even pesto, which makes every slice zesty.

3. Vegetables


Tomatoes are not the only vegetables available for use as toppings on pizzas. Spinach and broccoli are two vegetables that are regularly used by chefs in restaurants these days. While spinach is one of the most popular pizza toppings, broccoli can also be added to pies for an interesting taste that many people prefer.

Besides these, onions and peppers (of many colors) are also gaining favor from pizza lovers because they can give every bite a crunch. While they may taste somewhat spicy when raw, when cooked, they can be sweet. The flavor is a nice contrast to the sweetness and tartness of the tomato sauce or the creaminess of the white sauce.

4. Mushrooms

As more Americans become vegans, vegetarians, or plant-based, pizza lovers are now looking for options to transform their well-loved dish into something that will suit their new palate and lifestyle.

Enter mushrooms. Whether are shitake or portobello, they have become more in demand in pizza kitchens for many reasons.

One, they’re an amazing healthy alternative to regular meats like bacon and pepperoni. These are low in calories, sugar, and sodium. But they can be a great source of minerals like potassium and dietary fiber.

Mushrooms also provide crunch and texture to the crust, and kitchens can cook them in many ways, including roasted or grilled, which helps bring out more of their flavor.

5. Anchovies

Anchovies are fish having small bones but are mostly soft when they are fresh. This means that anchovies do not need to be removed before placing them on pizzas because their sizes will naturally adjust according to gravity when they come into contact with the other toppings and sauce on the pizza base.

These natural characteristics make anchovies one of the best choices for people who love seafood, especially those who use olive oil to prepare their favorite cheese.

When deciding which pizza toppings should go on your pie, several factors come into play. What kind of crust do you like? Are you looking for something light and healthy or indulgent with lots of meat and cheese? Do you want veggies only, or would you rather have some fruit on top too?

Once these questions are answered, the sky is really the limit when it comes to what can be put onto a pizza! Although you can always stay safe and go with the most popular best pizza toppings, you can also be creative and experimental. Who knows what flavors you can come up with.

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