Inspirations to Make Staying at Home Feel Like a Global Adventure

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Everyone deserves a break, especially in times such as these, when we’re stuck at home trying to make it through a pandemic. What the world needs today is an escape, and what is a more popular method for that than travel?

Yet like the many things we presently can’t experience to keep ourselves safe from the virus, freely exploring places is temporarily unavailable. Traveling boasts a plethora of benefits, and it’s a shame that we can’t go on exciting and relaxing trips at the moment. But there are still ways for us to experience the benefits that come with travel, even indoors.

When you travel, one of the most exciting things to experience lies in exposing yourself to different cultures. You can try international delicacies, interact with the locals, and appreciate the art preserved in museums and on its streets. You have to keep your yearning for travel to sit deep inside you for a few more months. However, you can satiate your hunger for adventure by styling your home’s interiors using the ideas below.

Cozy Cabin Look

Sometimes, the very thing you long for is a break from your busy urban life and take shelter in a cozy cabin. Though this is more on the relaxed side of travel, it’s still a much-needed breather amidst chaotic pandemic times.

To cop the comfortable cabin look, you can add a fireplace in your living room and install faux wall panels designed as bricks or shiplap panels. Adding a rug and a couch is also necessary to complete the cozy cabin mood.

Tropical Balinese Garden

Tropical places are among the most popular destinations, especially during summer. Sadly you’re now stuck at home experiencing all three hundred and sixty-five days indoors. Despite your quarantine situation, there are numerous ways for you to enjoy a tropical paradise within the safety of your abode.

One is by updating the look of your garden by adding Balinese themes. For this look, you must prepare stones and plenty of plants. It will also help to have a small hut or wooden furniture to make the style more prominent.

Alfresco-style Cafe

Different coffee blends from all over the world range from sweet to bitter flavors. On an international trip, you can notice that every cafe from various countries exudes different vibes. Some are modern while others are warm and rustic; whichever the atmosphere, the interior design of coffee shops enriches the whole coffee experience.

To bring the experience of drinking your favorite brew at home, you can create a coffee station in your outdoor space. You can make your morning or afternoon coffee taste better with a few additions. That can be a dainty coffee table with a comfortable chair and international desserts to go with your chosen brew.

Coastal Vibe for Your Patio

Some prefer vacationing on land while others are simply in love with the sea. If you belong to the latter, you can continue enjoying the relaxing sea ambiance at home by modifying your patio with sea-inspired decor.

The color white, along with shades of blue and a dash of brown hues, are the most common shades used to capture the ocean feel. These colors can make you think back on your summer holidays and even give a particular part of your home a bright and relaxing upgrade.

Exotic Plants from Different Regions

Aside from food, plants offered comfort to people in isolation. If you’re one of those individuals, you can improve your plant therapy’s effectiveness by adding green to your collection. When going on a trip, the usual itinerary often includes exploring nature.

With plants, there are too many kinds hailing from all over the world you can use to liven up your home. Taking care of plants is a challenging task, but if you have a green thumb, caring for international greenery can be a breeze.

Minimalist Japanese Style

If you were bound for an Asian tour before COVID-19 took over and you had to cancel your plans, one thing’s for sure: you’ve missed out on a lot on incredible culture and practices.

Though air travel is difficult, you can expose yourself to some Asian-inspired designs, particularly the minimalist Japanese style. This style does not stop at low tables and paper doors. Instead, its feel exhibits clean, spacious, and bright hues. Your primary medium should be wood and other lightweight materials if you’re aspiring to get this look. Focusing on lighter tones and keeping your furniture to a minimum can help you achieve the right interior design.

You may not be able to add more stamps to your passport for the time being. However, you can still experience the fun of travel in the safety and comfort of your home.

We believe that style and wellness go hand in hand. We are passionate about helping individuals embrace their unique fashion sense while leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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