5 Home Improvement Projects for Fixer-upper Properties

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Fixer-upper properties can be an excellent investment and an exciting opportunity to turn a home into your own. Whether you’re looking for a property to renovate or want to make some changes to yours, many projects will upgrade the home’s value and give you a sense of accomplishment. Here are five home improvement projects perfect for fixer-upper properties.


Nothing gives a room an instant facelift like a fresh coat of paint. It also provides the space with a clean, modern feel.

When painting walls and ceilings, it doesn’t take much experience or skill to do it yourself. All you need is some primer, paint, brushes, and rollers. If you want something more intricate, consider adding decorative wallpaper or stencils. Additionally, various designs, such as those with geometric patterns, can add dimension and interest to any room.

Painting can be relatively inexpensive and easy to do yourself. Still, expert advice on color choices will help you achieve the best results. A great color choice can bring a room to life, while the wrong one can make it feel drab and uninviting.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular projects for home improvement enthusiasts. This can range from replacing cabinets and countertops to adding new appliances or installing a kitchen island in the middle of the room.

You can start with something relatively simple and inexpensive, such as switching out the hardware on your cabinets. Or you can go big and involve a lot of work, such as knocking down walls to create an open floor plan. Furthermore, consider adding energy-efficient appliances that can save you money on utilities in the long run.

Either way, this project is a great way to add value to your home while making it more efficient and stylish. It also depends on your budget and available time for this project, so you may hire a contractor if you need more time or resources to do it yourself.

Bathroom Renovation

Another great way to increase the value of your home is by renovating its bathrooms. If you’re unsure where to start, consider consulting an expert bathroom renovation company for advice on making your dream come true.

From replacing fixtures and fittings such as taps and showers to fitting new tiles and flooring, there are many ways you can update your bathroom. You could also opt for a complete makeover, replacing the tub and sink, adding a new shower enclosure or bathtub, and changing the lighting.

A skilled contractor will be able to help you choose materials that are both stylish and long-lasting, as well as being within your budget. But if you want to go all-out with this project, why not install a jacuzzi bathtub?

two workers installing tiles on the bathroom floor

Garden makeover

If one area of your property could use some TLC, it’s probably the garden. After all, gardens are usually the first thing guests and prospective buyers see when they visit.

If unsure where to start, begin clearing out any overgrown plants and weeds. Next, add some new landscaping features, such as garden pathways. You could also install outdoor lighting for a beautiful nighttime ambiance. Also, a fire pit or a water feature could add value to your property. Or you could set up a backyard grilling station for delicious barbecues with friends and family.

With the right know-how, you can make your garden into an outdoor oasis that will increase the beauty of your home. All it takes is some planning and elbow grease.

Add insulation

One often overlooked way to improve any fixer’s upper property’s energy efficiency is by improving its insulation levels. Insulation can help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home, which in turn will save you money on bills.

For this project, you’ll need to assess the current state of your insulation and determine where improvements can be made. You may choose to install a new one or repair an existing one that has become worn or damaged over time. You can also install some in your attic, walls, and floors to maximize effectiveness.

Adding insulation is relatively easy as long as you follow safety guidelines. It can make all the difference in keeping the heat in during winter months — meaning low costs for you throughout the year.

Whether renovating an outdated kitchen or transforming an overgrown garden into something beautiful, these five home improvement projects are perfect for anyone looking to get their hands dirty with their fixer-upper property. Not only will they add value when it comes time to sell, but they’ll also bring joy while doing them — so don’t wait any longer — get out there and start fixing up today!

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