How to Carry Out Successful Spring Cleaning

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The coming of spring signals new life. As cold dissipates, replaced by warmer temperatures, the soil begins to teem with organisms waiting to burst into existence. Soon plants sprout, revealing flowers in all shapes and colors. The leaves on trees come back like the hair on a baby’s head. You should feel the warmth the world is opening up to you. But before you get altogether immersed in spring’s promise of vitality, there’s one thing you need to get done. That’s spring cleaning.

For inhabitants of certain parts of the globe, spring cleaning is sort of a tradition. And as tradition goes, there are tried and tested ways to approach it. Here are our recommendations on how to carry out your spring cleaning this year for optimum success.

Segmentize the process

Spring cleaning might seem overwhelming if you look at it as a whole. To make it less intimidating, you have to segmentize. That means going through it room by room. It will not hurt if you come up with a checklist of stuff to clean in each room. That way you won’t miss anything.

Start with rooms or areas that require the least effort. Such a strategy will help you ease into the whole process. Once you get to the rooms or areas that need deep-cleaning because of winter neglect, you have reached a kind of momentum. Cleaning will be easier and possibly even enjoyable.

Don’t forget your house’s exterior

If you live in a condominium or an apartment building, you may skip this recommendation. If you have a standalone house with a spacious front or backyard, this is for you. Spring cleaning should not be limited to the indoors.

Look at the gutters, roof, windows, and exterior paintwork. See if any of them need enhancement. Sure, that’s not technically cleaning. But your goal here is to make your home looking as fresh as possible.

Get your garden in order if you have one. Let those dormant seeds have enough room to grow.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

Marie Kondo is probably one of the smartest women in the world. Listen to her. You do not need clutter in your life. If you hold something and it does not spark joy, get rid of it. You will be amazed at how light and breezy you will feel in a house with only the essentials.

A minimalist home is also easier to clean. That means by getting rid of clutter you’re basically readying your home for the next round of cleaning. That is pretty clever.

Mind the cleaning products you use

Do not get overexcited. You will probably go to a nearby home depot to get cleaning supplies. Buy only what you need. Do not hoard. You do not want all sorts of cans and bags littering your house while you’re trying to get it organized.

Also, mind the products you purchase. Stay away from those with harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, perchloroethylene, 2-Butoxyethanol, ammonia, and sodium hydroxide. If you can, choose organic cleaning products. They won’t be bad for your health, and they’ll be nice to Mother Nature. You can purchase them online if they are not offered in nearby shops.

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Get everyone involved

If you live alone, play a podcast while spring cleaning so you won’t feel too alone. If you live with housemates, either family or friends, get them all involved. After all, housekeeping should be everyone’s responsibility.

Living with your significant other and this happens to be your first spring cleaning together? Then this is a great chance for you to take your relationship to the next level. Be patient with one another. Remember that we all have different organizational styles and priorities. Meet halfway, compromise, and avoid petty conflicts. The last thing you want to happen is to drive your partner away for good because they discovered you’re a tyrant.

Having a home that’s all set for the warmer seasons is a fulfilling way to begin what is essentially a new year. So do not neglect spring cleaning. Even if you are not a neat freak, trust us you’ll enjoy the process. It will be good for your physical well-being. Think of it as an exercise. And a chance to bond with your housemates, whether they happen to be family, friends, or a significant other.

Spring cleaning can even improve your mental health if you still have surplus blues from the cold seasons. That’s true for any physical activity, after all.

With spring cleaning, you are shooting multiple birds with one stone. Get your home in order while getting some holistic self-care.

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