Musical Instruments Used to Promote Health and Wellness


There’s no denying that music is an integral part of our lives. We listen to it to pass the time while we’re in transit, to energize us while we conduct our daily tasks, or to boost our cognitive functioning while we study. However, did you know that music, or more specifically, sound, can affect our body in a therapeutic and healing way?

If you haven’t heard of this yet, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide you with a new perspective on sound and how it influences us on a deeper level. Allow us to introduce you to the most common musical instruments currently being used for sound therapy.

Different Ways Sounds Affect Us

We know we’re influenced by music and sound, but in what ways? Can we manipulate the sound we hear to promote healing? To answer that, we first need to know the three powerful and positive effects of sound. We’ve listed them below.


Of all the senses we have, hearing is the one we have little control over. This is why hearing is also known as our primary hearing sense. Over thousands or millions of years, we have evolved to use this sense to identify threats in our environment. Because of this, any sudden changes in our surroundings’ sounds put us in a state of caution. This releases cortisol and increases our breathing and heart rate, which helps improve our blood circulation.


The second way sound affects us is through our behavior. When we’re in a noisy environment, there’s a higher possibility that we will feel more stressed, which leads us to become less friendly and approachable. Additionally, vibrant and upbeat sounds make us more active and energetic, which is why we listen to this type of sound when we work out.


Lastly, and perhaps one of the most critical ways sound affects us is through our psychology. Pleasant sounds positively influence us, so we tend to feel good when we listen to good music. Furthermore, you will notice that movies always include background music in some of their scenes. This is an auditory suggestion to influence our mood according to what is being portrayed.


Instruments Used for Healing and Therapy

Sound is, in fact, currently being used for treatment. One proof of this is how GAINSWave provides treatment for erectile dysfunction using high-frequency and low-intensity soundwaves. On the other hand, other forms of healing and therapy do not use machines but musical instruments instead. We’ve listed a few of them below.


Music has been widely known to be used in therapy. That’s why all the most common musical instruments are believed to be therapeutic. However, perhaps one that profoundly showcases this is the drums. This is especially true for children who have lots of energy. The drums can be a recreational and creative outlet for their energy, preventing them from manifesting bad behavior or habits.


Another therapeutic equipment that has been slowly gaining popularity over recent years is the African instrument called kalimba, also known as the thumb piano. Kalimbas produce harmonious sounds similar to a music box, which is why they often relieve anxiety among those who hear the sweet tunes. It is also relatively easy to play, making it one of the most accessible therapeutic instruments you can have at home.


Have you ever experienced the soothing and relaxing feeling whenever you listen to the rain as it pours down your roof and the city? Although South Americans created the rainstick to ask the Gods for rain in their rituals, it is now used for therapy and meditation. A rainstick is a tube made of bamboo or other material and is filled with pebbles or beads. When you flip it to the other side, the contents pour from one end to the other, imitating the sound of the rain.

Singing Bowl

Perhaps the most prominent instrument used in sound therapy is the singing bowl. Whether it’s for yoga sessions, meditation, or healing, the Tibetan singing bowl is believed to affect your experience significantly. A mallet is rotated around a bowl and hits it occasionally. This process produces a calming sound and is used to cleanse a person’s chakra.

We all want to be in our best possible state most of the time. While some habits and practices may promote this, using music or sound for meditation, therapy, and healing is one of the best guarantees that you can achieve that. Don’t limit yourself to what you can try; explore things to achieve better health.

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