Key Members of Your Home Transformation Dream Team

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Your home renovation dream team is composed of people who are going to help you achieve your goals for your home. Although transforming your home into a pandemic-proof one is not the same as a major renovation, you will need the same people to help you get your goals to fruition. These are the same people who will make sure you have ambient lighting in your home office and who can maximize the small space you have in your home.

The pandemic has forced many people to look into how they can transform their homes. They need to make it pandemic-proof. More than anything, they need to transform it into a house where they can work and where their children can play and learn. They also need space for entertainment and leisure. So, how can homeowners achieve that?

General Contractor

The general contractor acts like the director of your home remodeling. They execute the overall plan to turn your home into a pandemic-proof house. If you want to add a home office or turn your basement into your kids’ playroom, you need a general contractor for that. If you are planning to change the layout of your homes such as breaking down walls or putting them up, you also need a concrete contractor for that.


The most common examples of tradesman work are plumbers, roofers, painters, electricians, and window installers. These are tasks that the contractor outsources to other people or company, too. While hiring a tradesman for a simple home renovation to build yourself a home office is expensive, you’ll be grateful to do it once you start hearing about leaking roofs and damaged plumbing. If you’re turning your basement into a home office, you don’t want a plumbing problem.

Interior Designer

Without any major renovation, you might just need an interior designer. This is someone who will make sure your home office doesn’t look outdated. They will work within your budget and seek to follow your preferences in terms of color, style, structure, and overall aesthetic. If you are also remodeling a room and turning it into your kids’ playroom, an interior designer can work with different kid-friendly themes, furniture, and color.

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You wouldn’t think you will need a chiropractor for your pandemic-proof home, right? You actually need someone to look into the furniture you are going to furnish your rooms with. Working at home can be physically draining. It can also cause a series of muscle and bone problems such as stiff neck and lower back pain. These will affect your productivity at work.

Talking your plans over with a chiropractor will give you a good idea about the right furniture you need for your home office. The chiropractor can suggest a number of ergonomic furniture such as chairs and tables to minimize the strain on your bones and muscles. You can also learn a series of desk exercises that will keep you physically active even with a sedentary job.


The most important worker you need to hire to make your house pandemic-proof is the carpenter. They can build cabinets, drawers, and showcases for your home office, as well as for your kids’ playrooms and learning areas. If you need to add a deck in your backyard for entertainment and leisure, the carpenter is your guy, too. By maximizing your storage space—both vertically and horizontally—your carpenter can help you get your house in order even during a pandemic.


Finally, you need a handyman you can call when you need to do minor repairs in the house. Since you and your family have been staying indoors for quite a while, it makes sense to want to have someone you can call on anytime to fix a light fixture, repair a cabinet door, or even to put the varnish on the wooden deck. A handyman does all things a skilled professional like a carpenter won’t do. He’s a jack-of-all-trades in such a way that after all is said and done, you would still need to call the handyman from time to time.

Turning your home pandemic-proof isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do now. After all, with the rising costs of construction materials and labor, homeowners can only do so much to make sure their homes are the fortress they need them to be. At the same time, they need these homes to be a sanctuary, a workplace, a playroom, a learning center, and an entertainment hub. With such requirements, homeowners need the best-skilled workers they can hire.

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