Kitchen Designs Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Whether you’re building your new kitchen or remodeling it, it’s an excellent investment to make. Even when you’re just maintaining it, it makes a significant difference. As far designs go, organization and layout will take you further and your investment will be worth it. The finer details are just as important as aesthetics and functionality. Yet they’re the most apparent aspects that many people easily forget when it comes to kitchen layouts while you’re just focusing on looks.

Planning and designing a kitchen must be practical and aesthetically pleasing to increase its value. One wrong move and you can compromise functionality and flow, becoming too expensive and difficult to fix or replace. With that said, here are kitchen design mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Underestimating counter space

When planning a kitchen, making sure that you have enough countertop space is something to think through thoroughly. Remember to include more surface area to prepare meals, place your dish drying rack, and the appliances and gadgets you use daily. Think about this if you’re someone who plans to be a host often.

You also don’t want to clutter your blenders, food processors, pressure cookers, and utensils on the counter. Even if you say that you have a spacious countertop, it can be chaotic to look at it. This is especially true when it’s cluttered by different appliances, especially if you don’t even use them all every day. It’s better to find somewhere to stow your appliances and gadgets when they’re not in use.

Neglecting storage

The kitchen is one of the most cluttered areas in the home since it contains a lot of stuff. Think about all the items inside those cabinets that are completely unorganized. No matter how small your kitchen is, there are always ways to organize it. Creating clever ideas to improve kitchen storage is can make a huge difference. Clearing your counter space is just one thing.

Even so, when planning your kitchen, it’s a critical time to plan your storage as well. That way, it won’t be a problem once you got so much stuff to stow. Of course, you don’t want to forget your floor space to avoid violent accidents.

Not having space for disposal

While waste is unavoidable, proper space for trash bins is still often forgotten since it’s the least glamorous part of designing a kitchen. It should be a priority. You should also require separating recycling, food, and general waste containers.

If you extremely dread the presence of waste bins, you should go with a cupboard to hide your freestanding bins. Don’t forget to find ways to get rid of unwelcome odors and pests. It’s also completely fine if your kitchen isn’t spacious enough for a cupboard bin. Luckily, trash bins are more stylish and pleasant to look at now.

Couple preparing a salad on the counter

Relying too much on trends

While there is nothing wrong with obtaining trends, the mistake is getting them even when it’s not the right move for you. Trends are just there for a second, and you might get too used to it for just as long. They don’t usually offer a good return on your investments. Therefore, it’s always better to opt for timeless designs and layouts.

Not working with professionals

Although it’s good to prior ideas how you want your kitchen to be, working on it with a professional will point out technical mistakes so that you avoid them. It might look like you’re saving money by doing all the brainstorming by yourself, but it can be a waste of time, effort, and money. Anything can go wrong and be a further problem in the future.

Professional designers can tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, and they can identify what you need and execute your plans efficiently, depending on your budget. They know where to get all the metal or steel suppliers and other materials you need for the construction. Designers can also advise you where to place proper lighting in your kitchen, which is also often forgotten in the designing and planning part of the process.

No matter how you are at DIY, you should also know that you still need expertise for your kitchen to build just as you want without any problems. Wiring, plumbing, and ventilation system, you can’t do it on your own. Not because you physically can’t, which might be also true, but mostly because it can be dangerous. Not just to you, but your neighboring homes in the neighborhood as well.

Designing a kitchen can be stressful and fun at the same time. While keeping in mind all the details you want, as long as you also don’t forget about the practicality and functionality, you’ll be completely fine and happy in the long run.

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