Maid of Honor To-Do List: How to Assist the Bride-To-Be Successfully

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Weddings can be some of the most exciting and satisfying events you will attend in your life. You will be part of a person’s unforgettable and life-changing moment, making you look forward to the day it happens for you. However, you will find that the behind-the-scenes paint a different picture than what you expected.

A wedding requires intense and detailed planning, which could be stressful for the engaged couple to handle by themselves. The bride, usually responsible for ensuring that the event is flawless, might self-destruct if things go wrong simultaneously. Fortunately, she will receive support and advice from the maid of honor. If you find yourself taking on the role, you will have to be aware of the responsibilities that come with it.

Your maid of honor checklist will include the following:

Familiarize Yourself with the Wedding Plan

Engaged couples will be planning the entire wedding, but they will require assistance from the wedding planner. However, it might not be enough for them to handle stressful activities. Different problems might surface from multiple angles, which could add to the tension leading up to the event. The issues could ruin the wedding, making it critical for maids of honor to step in for additional help.

You will have to familiarize yourself with the wedding checklist to see if the bride missed or overlooked something important. You might have to contact a few service providers necessary to lessen the burden for the soon-to-be wife. Caterers, florists, and makeup artists might have last-minute changes that the bride could not attend to, making it critical for you to make the necessary decisions.

Accompany Bride to the Wedding Gown Fitting

Brides will have to go back-and-forth to different establishments and locations to secure the wedding’s necessary items or services. They will be in contact with florists, caterers, and other essential people for the event, and you might even be a part of their journey. However, you will find that the wedding gown fitting will be the one event you have to attend.

Brides need their bridesmaids to provide opinions and suggestions regarding the ideal dress for a memorable occasion. There is a chance that they might only get married once, making it critical to accompany her to the event. Brides have to take their time to find a suitable gown, which means that you will have to visit multiple stores. You must also find a bridal boutique or store to serve as a backup if the soon-to-be wife fails to find the one she wants in the shops she picked. Wedding gown fitting can become a stressful task because of its importance to the bride, which means you have to make an effort for it.

Lead the Bachelorette Party

The bride will be preparing for the event that will change her life. As soon as she exchanges I do’s with her groom, she will be a married person. To celebrate the transition, you will have to ensure that her final days as a single woman will be a blast. The bachelorette party will be your responsibility. Maids of honor are chosen because they are the closest person to the bride. You must identify the things she considers fun, exciting, and enjoyable to help you plan the event.

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Fortunately, you will find many themes or plans that can pass as a bachelorette party. As long as you can put a smile on the bride’s face, you will succeed in your quest to create a proper send-off for her single life.

Take on On-Call Duty During the Ceremony

The bride’s wedding day needs to be the happiest day of her life. Everything should be perfect, but small things might creep up on her and ruin the event. It will be critical for a maid of honor to ensure that the situation does not happen, which means you will have to serve as the emergency wedding planner. Deal with a few wedding-day problems like guest seating arrangements, last-minute changes, and unexpected delays.

You will need to be there for the bride if the latter starts to panic as well. Wedding day jitters happen in reality like it often does in movies, making it necessary to keep her calm and collected. Being on-call for every emergency and problem will be your wedding day duty, even if it means you won’t get to enjoy the whole ceremony.

Being the maid of honor comes with many responsibilities because you will play a vital role in the wedding. Expect to get tired because of your duties, but it will be worth it when you watch your closest friend walk down the aisle with a smile on the happiest day of her life.

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