6 Strategies to Make Your Home More Durable Against Storms

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Living in a place prone to storms and other natural disasters can be stressful and unsettling. However, there are precautions that you can take to make your home more durable against these events. Although it may seem daunting at first, it is possible to prepare for the unexpected and ensure that your home is as safe and resilient as possible. Here are some tips on how to make your home more durable against storms.

Trim Your Trees Regularly

Tree maintenance is an essential part of keeping your home safe. Neglecting regular tree trimming can mean a higher risk of storm-related damage to your property. Wind, snow, and ice can cause excess growth and branches to be pushed in dangerous directions, mainly if there are any structural or structural defects in the tree’s structure.

Pruning and removing deadwood regularly eliminate hazards and creates a better-shaped tree ideal for resisting high winds and heavy snowfall. In addition to keeping your trees healthy, this preventive action will keep your home more secure and safe from storm damage.

Secure Loose Objects Outside

A severe storm can cause serious damage to your home, especially when it comes to objects that are not tied down or secured. High winds can pick up objects like toys and patio furniture, sending them flying through the air and potentially causing further damage. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial to secure all loose objects around your home before a major storm strikes.

Take the time to bring items such as lawn furniture and potted plants into an enclosed area, tie-down objects playing sets or swing sets, and store away any free-standing tools or machinery that may have been left outside. Taking these proactive steps well before the storm arrives can help ensure your outdoor belongings make it through more easily should weather conditions become rough.

Check Your Roof For Damage Or Missing Shingles

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Before a storm hits, inspect your roof for any missing shingles or damaged areas that could let rainwater inside if left unchecked. If there is any visible damage or missing shingles, contact a roofing professional who can assess and repair any problem areas before the storm arrives; otherwise, you risk having major issues once it does come through!

It would also be ideal to invest in metal roofing because it is more durable and will last longer than traditional shingles, meaning you can save money in the long run. The benefits of metal roofing include excellent resistance to strong winds, better durability against heavy snowfall and hail, and even providing an extra layer of insulation for your home.

Install Window Protection Film

Safeguarding your home against damage due to storms means being proactive and taking the necessary preventative measures. One of the best options for quickly and effectively protecting your windows is to install window protection film. The window protection film is easy to install. It is designed to keep furniture, curtains, carpeting, and other interior finishes safe from flying debris.

It also decreases glass shattering and helps protect against water penetration into the home. In addition to its overall effectiveness, window protection film also adds a layer of insulation that can improve energy efficiency in your home year-round. Invest in peace of mind by installing window protection film today – you won’t regret it!

Ensure Gutters Are Clear And Flowing Properly

Taking the necessary steps to ensure your gutters are clear and flowing correctly is essential to keeping storm damage away from your home. Clogged gutters can lead to severe home repair costs and even compromise the safety of your roof structure as water begins to seep and not flow down. It’s essential to clean out all debris, including leaves, twigs, nest materials, pine needles, and other substances that have built up in your gutters throughout the year.

Allowing water to flow off your roof through functioning gutters freely protects siding, foundations, basements, and surrounding landscaping during storms. Take preventative measures with regular inspections and gutter maintenance– it might seem like a chore now, but it could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs!

Invest In A Generator

Having access to electricity during storms is essential; otherwise, things like lights, heating/cooling systems, sump pumps, etc., won’t work when power outages occur. Investing in a generator will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have access to power even when things get dicey outside due to bad weather conditions!

The Bottom Line

Preparing your home for storms doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming — however, you do need to take precautionary measures to make sure your home is as safe and durable as possible. By following the tips above, you can reduce the risk of damage during storms and have peace of mind knowing your home is secure!

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