Overall Hygiene: The Things People Forget Most Often

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Life can get overwhelmingly busy every day pretty fast. There are so many responsibilities and errands to fit in 24 hours, and you must dedicate at least eight of them for sleep. You can plan out every hour from the moment you wake up to the time you have to rest, and there will be lots of distractions to keep you from following the tight schedule.

Unfortunately, there might be a few tasks that you might forget because of the stressful situation. Work and home responsibilities do not usually end up on the forgotten side, but the rest of your tasks and errands might. One of them is personal hygiene.

There are so many habits to perform, but you might end up sacrificing most of them because other tasks become priorities. Unfortunately, skipping those routines could prove unhealthy and unsanitary for the average person. Here are a few hygiene habits you might forget but should not.


It can be challenging to maintain oral hygiene every day. You already know that brushing your teeth, gums, and tongue are necessities after every meal. Some people even do them the moment they wake up. Gargling a mouthwash can be a supporting habit or a replacement for brushing.

Fortunately, both activities are achievable within one or two minutes, so people don’t mind doing them. However, there is a high chance that you might forget about flossing. The task takes at least five minutes, especially when you go between every gap you can reach within your rows for teeth. As a result, most people decide not to perform flossing. Unfortunately, it could get removed as a hygiene habit.

The result of forgetting to floss can be unpleasant. Swollen or bleeding gums and bad breath might become a possibility for you. While it is okay to avoid flossing when you feel completely exhausted, the gap between doing the necessary hygiene task should not take more than one day.

Removing Earwax

Removing earwax often presents a challenging dilemma. Earwax is necessary to prevent the ear canal from becoming dry and easily infected by dust and dirt. However, you must remove a few chunks to avoid blockage. As a result, you might be cleaning your earwax at least once a week, making it easy to forget about it becoming part of your hygiene habit.

Another issue is that Q-tips might still be your choice for removing earwax. While it can remove a few particles, the cotton bud can push earwax closer to the eardrum. If the pointy object reaches deep, you might end up rupturing or infecting the body part, leading to significant hearing loss.

Fortunately, medical professionals have a viable solution for the dilemma. Cleaning your ears using microsuction can prevent impacted wax and clear your ear canal of debris. You do not have to do it frequently, even up to at least once every two months. However, it is necessary to create a schedule with your ENT specialist for the habit.

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Not Putting on Sunscreen

People spend a lot of days under the sun. While most do not mind the heat, they might be impervious to the extensive damage that the sun can cause to the skin. The UV rays alone put you under threat of sunburn. Skin cancer might also become a fatal problem. The skin will age prematurely, with dryness, discolouration, and wrinkles becoming part of the symptoms.

Those issues will become threats to health and wellness, making it necessary to apply sunscreen daily. You might think that you spend a lot of time indoors, which reduces interaction with the sun. However, the sun’s damage might still find its way into entry points, so applying sunscreen indoors should also be part of your hygiene habits.

Cleaning the Belly Button

Most of your body parts are easy to reach and clean. Besides the mouth, nose, and ears, you can clean your entire body surface with gentle washing and soap. However, the belly button requires you to dig into it a bit. The stomach hole often contains particles and debris, even if you went through thorough showering.

The smell can be horrid, especially when you fail to dig into it for an entire year. The settled particles could cause infections or medical issues, making it necessary to wash them every time you are in the shower. Fortunately, the Q-tip can be helpful in this scenario.

People must develop hygiene habits. Your parents might not teach all of them, making it necessary to make an effort to learn them on your end. However, the real issue is forgetting to perform them. If you had a busy day, keeping notes near you should remind you of your body’s needs for overall hygiene.

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