Throwing The Perfect Backyard Party in 2021

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The social distancing and isolation that the pandemic forced on us all have been particularly hard for friends and families who are used to spending a great deal of time together. Luckily, things are taking a turn for the better, and people can once again start planning to spend time with their loved ones.

One of the best places to gather together and have a wonderful time is at a backyard party. It is such a relaxed setting and, depending on the type of backyard, could offer various activities. Now might even be the best time to consult a swimming pool builder and see if you can have one installed before summer. A family with many children can spend an entire summer by the pool and never get bored.

After such a long time, it can feel a little intimidating to start planning a party. Try to keep things simple and only invite close friends and family. This will help to take any expectations off the affair and allow you to focus on enjoying the company. It also means that you can take a simpler and more hands-on approach to the decor. This is highly encouraged as the less time you spend worrying about the planning, the more time you can devote to having fun.

Reach Out Personally

Send invitations but make an effort to reach out individually to every guest so that you can reassure them about what to expect. After such a long time spent indoors and the fears of the pandemic still fresh in everyone’s mind, they will appreciate you taking the time. Be prepared to inform your guests of how the food will be prepared, where they will be eating, and what kind of food you have on offer.

Advise everyone on the best attire to wear for your backyard. Parents of small children can come prepared to dry their children after a dip in the pool or with a spare set of clothes for after they get dirty in the jungle gym.

Seating Arrangements

This can be quite an important factor in throwing a party. Not everyone is willing to sit on the grass, and especially not when some people have chairs. Family fights have started over much less provocative situations. Get ahead of this by renting enough chairs for the occasion without bringing out any of the chairs in your house. This will help to keep your nice chairs free of grass stains and spills.

Look into renting picnic blankets and cushioned seats. If there are many children in your family and friend group, they will enjoy the fun of having a picnic in the backyard.

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Renting is Helpful

Renting everything you need is best if you have a larger group of people coming. Many vendors are happy to deliver the items and then arrange for pick up as well. You can rent folding chairs and tables as well as a bigger grill.

If you’re willing to spend the money, hire a catering service so you can enjoy the party without having to worry about the food or getting it cooked on time. You will need to discuss operating procedures and guidelines with the caterers to ensure that everyone who serves food at your party is healthy and can be trusted to wear a mask.

Prepare for Rain

The weather is a bit unpredictable right now, so you should have a rain plan just in case. Consider renting a clear tent so that everyone is under it even when the weather is fine. This will make it easier to roll down the sides if the weather does turn. The downside to this is that you will also need to rent fans to keep the space cool and air circulating.  If the number of people is small, then be ready to usher them into the house. A small party should be able to fit into your home without too much crowding.

Make sure to check your backyard and get rid of any stagnant water. Mosquitoes can ruin a good party, and taking precautions to keep them away is paramount. Offer guests stick-on patch to keep away pests and place big fans strategically to keep mosquitoes and flies from being able to get near the main area where people are sitting.

Another way to guarantee fun without much effort is to have a good selection of music. Play golden oldies and have a karaoke machine nearby. The children may groan, but the adults will have a wonderful time singing out loud and doing off-key duets with each other.

It really can be that easy to put together a simple backyard party. Remember, the most important thing is spending time with your loved ones. Everything else is for comfort and added enjoyment.

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