Pool Frenzy: How Residential Pools are Becoming an Essential Lifestyle Choice during the Pandemic

residential pool

The pandemic has pushed people to look for various stay-at-home entertainment options. We predicted that people would need some renovations at the start of the pandemic for both space and entertainment options. This prediction became true. It has been found that home renovations have increased by more than 50% at the start of the pandemic. It decreased in 2021, but by not much.

Many were busy renovating their home for more open spaces. It’s to accommodate extended family members who struggled to find a home during this housing shortage. When it comes to stay-at-home entertainment options, we expected that people would choose in-home theaters and home gyms. We also expected that people would go for external possibilities that are very much affordable and fast to build, such as patios and gazebos. However, what we didn’t expect are in-ground pools.

Pool Frenzy

There is an ongoing pool frenzy during this pandemic. Our summers are getting a lot hotter alongside seasons like spring. Air conditioners might be suitable enough to cool down the heat, but there aren’t enough fun activities to do indoors. Also, it’s not fun to have visitors inside our homes during this pandemic. So the better choice is to get a pool.

residential pool

Many people don’t mind the premium that comes with building in-ground pools. On average, they cost around $28,000, and those on the high-end side cost more than $50,000. However, reports have stated that many homeowners paid well above the average with paying upwards of $100,000. Interestingly enough, some people who live in the colder states of the U.S. are also itching to get an in-ground pool in their homes.

There are various reasons for this pool frenzy. One of them is public pools being closed due to the pandemic.

The Fun With Pools

There’s a lot of fun to be had in swimming pools. Swimming is an energetic and highly sociable activity. It’s also integrated into many people’s lifestyles. At least 27 million Americans are into swimming as a fitness activity alone. Millions more enjoy swimming as a hobby or a pastime activity. However, because public pools were forced to close during the pandemic, this lifestyle choice was unavailable to many.

This is the primary reason why many Americans have started to build in-ground pools in their backyard. The combination of the summer heat and overall boredom of people has got them spending a premium in building these pools. However, some experts believe that the pool frenzy might also be a rational investment option for some.

In-ground pools are one of the best ways to increase your property’s value, and it’s possible that some Americans saw this as an opportunity. Many are selling their homes during the pandemic because people are willing to purchase them at a premium, and a house with a swimming pool is the holy grail of homes in the market.

Because of this spike in demand, many contractors needed a faster and more efficient way to build swimming pools. They’ve found that utilizing used shipping containers as a foundation for the pool makes the build a lot faster than before.

Shipping Containers?

Contractors are so busy building pools that many of them are unavailable until March this year. This is why they’ve decided to develop smarter ways to make an in-ground pool a lot faster. This is where recycled shipping containers come into the picture.

Some contractors are utilizing recycled shipping containers as the foundation for their pool. Theoretically, they can go to the client’s home, do some irrigation and excavation beforehand, install the container, do the necessary wiring for smart systems, and fill it up with water. The process can be finished in under two days. Some contractors even do the build before they go to the client, so they only have to do a bit of installation and wiring once they’ve arrived.

Proper Irrigation

Any decently-sized pool will require proper irrigation, and many homeowners have found that this should be the first investment people should make when getting a pool. Getting your gutters replaced is an essential service for any family getting a pool. Another option is to install smart devices to digitally control the pool’s irrigation. This can help with controlling the pool’s water flow, temperature, and more.

Proper irrigation is even more vital for states that are prone to hurricanes. You certainly don’t want your pool to overflow when a hurricane hits your state. You’ll have to invest more into a stable irrigation system, one that can handle overflows and gradual rainwater accumulating inside the pool.

Many people are now building in-ground pools in their backyard as their main source of stay-at-home entertainment. You should consider doing it this year, as it will certainly make a difference in your pandemic lifestyle.

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