Signs That You Are Better Off Being Single Than in a Relationship

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Society assumed that being single should be just a phase in an individual’s life. But for many, it’s a lifestyle, a choice. In fact, some people are way happier single than when they were in relationships, and that is a perfectly normal and healthy lifestyle.

People choose to be single for numerous reasons. For some, the lifestyle allows them to be satisfied and fulfilled with their lives. Besides, nobody says that being single equates to loneliness and unfulfillment—it’s all about finding the kind of lifestyle that makes you happy and contented.

If you’re uncertain about your current lifestyle, here are the key indicators that you’re doing perfectly fine without a partner.

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You Have Full Control of Your Time

When you’re in a relationship, you need to compromise. But when you’re single, you get to have complete control of time and schedule. You can basically do anything you want at your preferred time. Apart from your personal responsibilities and work, you know what works best for you when it comes to managing your time.

If this is your favorite part about being single and you’re not ready to let it go just yet, there’s no doubt that the single life is serving you well.

You can be happier being single than being with someone if you don’t like to compromise and adjust your time for another person. For example, you can go out and have fun with your friends without having to check in with your partner to update them about your activities. As we said earlier, you can do whatever you like.

You’re Enjoying Your Time Being Alone

A person can be truly happy without company. And if this is how you feel right now being single, it’s a good indication that you are spiritually and mentally healthy. You like having coffee alone; you enjoy reading your books at night in your bed, you can eat your meals without company, and so on.

And while you commonly rely on house cleaning services, you still enjoy cleaning your apartment by yourself while listening to your favorite band on the radio. Overall, you’d rather do all these activities alone than with anyone else. The bottom line is that you are happy, and you don’t need anyone to validate your happiness.

You Enjoy Meeting People Whenever You Want

One of the advantages of being single is having enough time to meet your friends and family. You don’t have to divide your time with a partner as you are free to manage your time. Sometimes, meeting everyone, including your partner’s friends, family, co-workers, etc., can be daunting. If this seems like a lot of work for you, staying single can be the best choice.

You Want to Focus on Your Personal Goals

We all have goals in life. And for some people, achieving their personal goals is a more sensible priority than romantic relationships. You can be happier being single when you are more focused on your personal goals in life and keeping your eyes on the prize. At this point, you do not want any distraction, so you take advantage of the single life to achieve your maximum potential as an individual.

And besides, it can be gratifying to achieve your goals and explore your passions without anyone demanding your attention and time. You understand that time is essential in accomplishing what you want in life, so you try not to waste it on pointless relationships.

You’re Exploring Your Interests

Single or not, it’s essential to have personal interests. It could be yoga, dance classes, music lessons, and many more. Being single gives you the time to explore your interests at any given time. No one will tell you that a specific activity doesn’t suit you or that music isn’t for you. You just give it a go and let yourself learn.

If your bucket list is filled with activities you want to explore, staying single can be your best option. You can explore activities you never get to do or possibly would be able to explore if you’re with a partner.

More Signs That You’re Happy Being Single

  • You love your life.
  • Loneliness isn’t an issue at all.
  • You embrace all the good things in your life with positivity.
  • You enjoy handling challenges on your own.
  • Making personal decisions is a fulfilling task for you.
  • You enjoy being solo in some activities like watching a movie or shopping.

So there you have it. These are the common signs that you are way happier single than being in a relationship. Whether you opt to stay single for the rest of your life or temporarily, you are in a great place. As long as you’re enjoying your company and happy with your life, you can put romantic relationships aside.

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