Do You Miss “Normal?” Achieving It in the New Normal

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The new normal is a daunting thought for a lot of people. With most places around the world requiring people to wear masks and gloves and practice social distancing at all times, life before the pandemic feels like a faraway dream. A little over a year after the outbreak began, however, things are beginning to look up. This is true not only because vaccines are being distributed but also because society has found ways to cope while incorporating things from the pre-pandemic days.

If like the majority of the people today, you miss the “normal” you grew up in and want a taste of it today, there are things you can do to make this possible. Who knows? The earlier you adapt, the better your prospects may be in a couple of years with or without the pandemic.

Accept That Things Are Done Differently

Here’s the thing: you can pretty much do most of your usual activities, only this time, there are guidelines. If you look at it this way, your perspective on the new normal should brighten up slightly. The worst-case scenario would’ve been losing certain opportunities permanently, like dining out, attending events, or just seeing family and friends in person. As it is, you can still do all those, but with a twist.

How about dating? You’ll be pleased to know that the dating scene, too, has caught up with the times. If you live in Massachusetts, you can safely get to know people your type with the help of reliable matchmakers. Hopeless romantics don’t need to be extra hopeless during the pandemic, after all. As with everything else nowadays, you have to search for a convenient and safe alternative to achieve the same goals.

Incorporate Old Habits in Your New Routine

It should go without saying that these old habits do not involve going out maskless or hugging everyone you greet. This means doing your usual activities but adapting them to the new normal. Did you use to run with a runner’s club? Why not do so again, but make sure that you’re choosing one that places a high value on accountability. This means that everyone in the group follows health protocols like social distancing, and they won’t join the group if they’re unwell.

Perhaps it’s your Sunday morning grocery shopping that you miss the most. Find a new supermarket that practices crowd control and excellent sanitation. If you’re not comfortable going out at all, convert spaces in your home to accommodate old routines like going to the gym and the office. Having separate rooms for each can make it easier to stick to your old ways, minus the commute and risks.

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Be More Physically Active

Whether you like it or not, the truth is that most people today were more active pre-pandemic. The stay-at-home order that is still in effect in most countries has turned many adults and children sedentary, which detracts from their health in many ways. One of the worst effects it can have on a person is related to anxiety. Due to the number of unknowns in a pandemic-ridden world, people live with chronic stress and have no healthy means to vent. This alone makes exercising such a crucial part of your daily routine. You don’t have to spend the entire day lunging your way across the house. Just dedicate time for physical activities, and make sure you’re not sitting for hours on end.

Join a virtual workout session, convert your backyard into an outdoor gym, or invite a few friends over who can do yoga with you on weekends. Even returning to the level of physicality you enjoyed daily pre-pandemic will get your body feeling like things are back to normal.

Participate, even if It’s Virtual

One of the worst things you can do during the pandemic is to isolate yourself by not showing up to virtual events. It could be a friend’s wedding, an engagement party, graduation, a baby shower, or a birthday party. Regardless, do your best to show up the way you always did pre-pandemic. Wear your best dress, put on make-up, and decorate a background that complements the event. Connectedness is essential now more than ever, and while it takes extra effort to show up, make sure that you do. Doing so will give you a sense of belongingness even when you’re physically apart from your family and friends.

When the opportunity comes to safely vacation with a handful of loved ones, don’t miss out! Just make sure that you’re adhering to health protocols and making wise decisions regarding your choice of destination.

Control What You Can

Even with the current state of the world, there are still things that you can control. Focus on those and remember that happiness is a state of mind. The new normal may be a far cry from the life you enjoyed pre-pandemic, but that doesn’t mean things have to be totally different.

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