Therapeutic Habits to Incorporate During the New Normal

meditating in the morning

The pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on our mental health, making it vital to incorporate healthier habits. Since significant parts of our lives have changed, such as how we socialize, even simple self-care habits can do a lot for our overall health and well-being. Incorporating better practices can genuinely help us adjust to the new normal better, no matter how difficult and drastic these changes may be. Even habits as simple as meditation and exercise can significantly impact you more than you think. In the following, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the most therapeutic habits to incorporate during the new normal.


Meditation is one of the most underrated yet essential habits to incorporate into your daily routine. It’s not just a breathing exercise, but it can do so much for your mental and physical health. For starters, meditation can give you back a sense of control, especially when it’s so hard to have during the pandemic. Most importantly, it can also do wonders for your mental health as it teaches you to become self-aware of your difficult emotions while also letting go of your feelings. Meditation can significantly manage your stress levels, whether it’s stress from your career, the pandemic, or even your personal life. It’s rare that we ever get even just a moment of peace and quiet within our day, and it’s what makes meditation such a therapeutic habit. It’s ideal to meditate when you have no distractions surrounding you, such as right when you wake up or before you go to bed.

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Physical activity and nutrition play significant roles in your habits during the pandemic. Having any form of physical activity can be helpful, even for your mental health. Since exercise provides your body with endorphins and dopamine, both feel-good hormones, it can help lift your mood and energy throughout the day. This is also why people who work out in the morning do what they do—to encourage a productive and energetic day. Without exercise, it can feel like you’re leading a sedentary and lazy day, especially if your work requires you to sit in front of the computer screen for 8 hours a day. When you combine exercise with nutrition, you’re helping both your physical and mental health. No matter what exercise routine you’re doing or your fitness goals, it’s always best to stick to a balanced diet consisting of fresh and whole food.

Spend More Time Outdoors

hanging out in the park

Due to several lockdown protocols, it’s not always as accessible to spend time outdoors since the pandemic. We want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the virus, so it can be challenging to go out the way we used to before. However, you can choose to spend time outside in your backyard or your neighborhood, especially when you’re within a neighborhood or subdivision with limited people going out. You can even choose to go for a run or walk outdoors, or simply enjoy the fresh air the outdoors can give you. Having a change of environment can really help you unburden your mind and feel much happier. This not only applies to adults but every member of the family. As children also begin to spend more time indoors and experience fewer opportunities for socialization, spending time in your backyard, exercising, or just communicating can be incredibly beneficial. Safety also plays a significant role in outdoor spaces, especially when small children and animals are involved. With the help of modern security systems, safety accessories, and wooden or metal fencing, you can provide a safe outdoor space for your family.


It’s almost impossible to think straight when you have so many thoughts clouding your mind in a chaotic environment. Whether or not you’re working, it can lead to messy home life when your space is full of clutter. So one of the best therapeutic habits is decluttering and organizing your space. It may seem overwhelming at first, but you can have fun with this if you let yourself. Also, cleaning area by area can help if you want to prevent overwhelming yourself with the clutter in your space. So you can start with your bedroom first and take things from there. You may also want to take advantage of storage boxes and label things accordingly, so you know where your belongings are. You don’t have to practice this habit every day, but it will be helpful to declutter and organize at least weekly.

These habits can help turn around your pandemic lifestyle and make things easier for your overall health and well-being. Simple practices like going outdoors and exercising can really do wonders for adjusting to the new normal. Your home spaces also play a significant role in your happiness during the new normal, so utilizing your outdoor spaces and getting your house in order can help keep you in a good place, mentally and physically.

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