Things You Can Do to Save Energy at Home While on Vacation

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Have you been feeling snowed under with work? Are you getting stressed and cranky dealing with family issues? Do you want to explore new landscapes and experience something new? Vacations have been linked to a handful of health and mental benefits that you can never trade with anything else.

Our usual routine would inevitably bore us, so there is a need for that anticipated getaway to exciting places. This momentary respite from our mundane lives can do multitudes of benefits to our brains and reduces anxiety and stress. As stress is reduced, we may likely avoid heart disease and hypertension. Some also reported losing weight as they spend a long time trekking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. Trips can also be a great way to repair relationships with friends, family, or yourself. With this, it is familiar to hear people taking trips feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take another challenge at work again.

Despite the recent pandemic, more than 40% of Americans are still looking forward to their next overnight trips or leisure travels. Most activities involved are road trips and family events, and long weekends are prevalent desires during the summer months. But before you hop in your car for the weekend or head to the airport, consider a thorough house check. This practice is essential to avoid high electricity bills the following month, as well as untoward uncontrollable incidents while you or your family is away.

Use alternative sources of energy

If you are one of those households that use solar or wind energy, this is the time when you can benefit from these sources of energy. Instead of using power from electric company providers, why not rely on these alternative sources and unplug any appliance while you are away. Of course, this depends on the weather conditions or season in your area.

If you have not switched to alternative sources, why not put it on your checklist this year? For example, you can check out the best solar power companies online. Choose those that are nearest you and can give you the best payment plans.

Program the thermostats and water heaters to vacation mode

Putting thermostats in away or vacation mode helps alert your device to slow down and change from its usual work. In recent years, air conditioner companies have manufactured smart thermostats that can be operated and monitored remotely using smartphones or tablets. This practice is convenient if you want your thermostat to adjust to an unexpected change in environment temperature. Changing the house temperature is also a great way to prepare your house when you want to feel comfortable on the day of your return.

Turn off the ceiling fans and the lights and unplug the appliances

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Except for your home air-conditioning system, you should turn off other appliances, regardless of whether it is a large appliance or a seemingly insignificant one. You may want to keep a checklist of your devices and appliances to make sure that they are turned off. If you have a pool or spa in your house, make changes in its pool pump settings before you leave. There are also lights with timers such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) that let owners save up to 75% on their energy bills.

You may want to make an exception with your refrigerator. A full refrigerator is better than a half-empty one. You do not have to stock on perishable food, but instead consider filling up the extra spaces with jugs or pitchers of water.

Seal your place in a way that it can store natural heat or cold to keep its average temperature

Efforts of your home air conditioner will only be futile if your house is not sealed and energy-proofed. Consider hiring technicians to identify leaks and cracks in the windows or walls professionally. Doing so will let you reap long-term benefits in your energy bill. You can also maintain indoor temperature by using window shades to avoid direct exposure from the afternoon sun.

Check your vehicle if it is fully efficient and ready to travel long distances. Consider using public transportation instead of using your car to save gas.

If you are going for a weekend getaway, make sure to check your car for any leaks or malfunctions. You can save tons of money for more complex repairs later on if you fix minor issues beforehand. Do not skip on your annual car checkups as well, as these could save your life from accidents in the future. Public transportation has also become more efficient. Why not take the overnight train or bus to save gas? You can also carpool instead of using your car to go to the nearest airport or bus station.

Going on vacation is not just all about having fun. It is also being responsible for your safety and the welfare of the things, pets, and people you have left behind. We surely don’t want to be interrupted during our relaxing time with some unpleasant news or accidents happening at home. With an efficient checklist and enough preparation, you can leave your house safe and energy-proof while you are soaking under the sun or enjoying your skiing trip. You will come home happy and ready to face life again.

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