5 Alternatives to Traditional Window Types for Your Business

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  • Skylights and sun tunnels are a good way to get natural light and fresh air into your store.
  • Steel-framed windows offer security and low maintenance upkeep.
  • Fixed glaze options remain a popular choice among businesses.
  • Frameless sliding doors are sleek and sophisticated.
  • Curtain wall systems have a bounty of benefits.

With the demand for energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing glass installations, looking beyond traditional window types are becoming increasingly popular. This guide will provide information about five options to help your business stand out from the rest. From skylights and sun tunnels to steel-framed windows and curtain wall systems, you’ll be able to find something that perfectly suits your needs.

1. Skylights and Sun Tunnels

One of the most popular alternatives to traditional window types is skylights and sun tunnels. These bright, natural light sources can bring an atmosphere of warmth and airiness into any space. Skylights come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, while sun tunnels use reflective surfaces to bring natural light into tight or recessed areas. Both options offer an energy-efficient solution to help your business save money on electricity costs.

2. Steel-Framed Windows

Steel-framed windows are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modern, durable option. Steel frames are strong and can be made with various finishes, allowing you to customize your business’s glass installation. Not only do they provide excellent insulation values, but they also look sleek and sophisticated in any setting. Plus, they won’t corrode like other materials, so they will last much longer than traditional window types. Typically, these last for at least 20 years or more.

3. Fixed Glazing Options

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Fixed glazing options are an excellent alternative for your business needing extra privacy for your glass installation. These windows are made with tempered glass, more substantial than regular glass, making it a safer option for any high-traffic areas. It also offers an added layer of security as it cannot be easily broken or removed. Fixed glazing options are available in various styles and sizes, making them suitable for any design project.

4. Frameless Sliding Door Systems

If you’re looking for an open-air solution but don’t have room for traditional hinged doors, then frameless sliding door systems might be your best bet. This option offers a seamless look and allows for large expanses of glass with minimal frames and hardware. They also provide excellent sound insulation values and protection against air infiltration, making them an ideal choice for businesses that need to keep noise levels down.

5. Curtain Wall Systems

A curtain wall system is a great way to create flexible spaces with large glass panes. This type of window allows you to adjust the light coming into the room quickly and can be custom designed to fit your needs.

Curtain wall systems are also popular because of the following reasons:

Aesthetic appeal

For one, curtain wall systems provide that industrial feel to your business without being too bland or imposing. This means you can create stylish, eye-catching glass installations that turn heads. Who says glass installations in commercial establishments need to be boring?


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Curtain wall systems are made with durable materials such as aluminum or steel that won’t corrode over time. This means they will last longer than traditional window types, providing long-term value for your business. Typically, this window installation lasts between 20 and 30 years, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Insulation value

Another great benefit of curtain wall systems is their excellent insulation value. They can help keep your business warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you money on energy costs. This makes these window types ideal for your workplace.

Assured safety and security

Using a curtain wall system for your high-quality commercial glass can also provide an additional layer of security. The sturdy frames are designed to withstand heavy winds and other natural elements, keeping your business safe and secure. This means the level of safety you will get is unparalleled compared to others.

Ideal ventilation

Finally, the design of curtain wall systems allows for ideal ventilation, making them perfect for businesses that need to keep their environment cool. This is especially important in hot climates or areas where traditional window types are unavailable. Its added insulation balances things out in winter, so it is a win-win for you.

In Summary

No matter what type of glass installation you’re looking for in your business, these five alternatives to traditional window types can help you find something that perfectly suits your needs. From steel-framed windows and fixed glazing options to skylights and sun tunnels, you’ll find something that adds beauty, durability, and energy efficiency to your business. Not only will these help your business stand out from the rest, but they’ll also offer long-term value for years to come.

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