Key Pointers for Achieving a Tuscan-style Home


There is something so stunning and peaceful about a Tuscan-inspired home: It instantly transports us to the charming Italian region, it tickles our inner history buff since it’s reminiscent of the Old World style of architecture and decorating, and it exemplifies the best of the Italian villa atmosphere—vineyards, rolling hills, stone walls, and rustic wooden doors.

If you have always dreamed of owning a home in the quaint Italian region, designing your home in this style is suitable. Here are some key tips for achieving a Tuscan-inspired home.


First of all, you will need to coordinate closely with your architect to combine the classic and modern elements that are distinctly Old World Europe in style. One of the key characteristics of a Tuscan-style home is its organic and seamless blend with its natural surroundings, so if you manage to find a property that’s inundated with rolling hills, trees, and gorgeous fields, it will make your architectural team’s job that much easier. A home in this style looks best when it’s situated in a beautiful and romantic landscape. The goal is to marry the old and the new so that our homes don’t look like they came straight from the Medici era.


Since Old World homes in Tuscany were built using materials that the people found in that part of Italy, the key materials used for this type of home design are the following:

  • Sandstone or limestone
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Natural stone

When it comes to choosing materials, the key is to use natural materials that are sturdy enough to stand wear, tear, and the test of time. When it comes to Tuscan-style homes, the goal is to ensure that nothing looks new or shiny. In fact, even natural materials are often color-washed to appear more worn and well-loved. However, a modern twist will give the home high ceilings enforced by wooden beams and a sprawling open floor plan that lets natural light in.


When choosing colors for your Tuscan-style home, remember this one word: Earthy. It’s all about emphasizing warm, natural hues like brick, terracotta, rusted orange, ocher, and golden yellow. Shades of green and blue are also encouraged to neutralize all the warmth in your home and to add a bit of coolness to the eye—but trees, plants, and bushes will also go a long way in providing that cooling and neutralizing effect.

If you prefer a more modern look, white is also a safer option, especially when combined with the more natural and earthy colors like brown and terracotta. Gray and soft white are often the colors used for the walls to neutralize warm tones.

Outdoor spaces

Here are the key markers of a Tuscan-style exterior:

  • Garden paths, driveways, and walkways are often set with brick or stone. If you want a truly rustic look to your exteriors, allowing grass to grow in between the stones can help add an old-world charm to your home.
  • Water is also a crucial part of any Tuscan-inspired house. Some homes opt for a stone fountain in the central courtyard, while others use Mediterranean-style elements in their swimming pools.
  • Wild yet charming growing greenery is also a key component. Make sure your courtyard is surrounded by tall and graceful tree species like cypress, especially since they also add a layer of romance when they sway during windy days.
  • Use wood as the primary material for your doors. Accent garage doors made of wood will automatically give your home a Tuscan feel even before guests enter your property, especially against white or off-white walls.

Decor and furnishings

Tuscany is often regarded as the place where the Renaissance was born, and it has a close connection with the rich and powerful in history. This is because during ancient Roman times and even beyond that period, the affluent often escaped to central Italy to get away from the stress of the more populous cities, the intrigue of rivalries and political life, simply embracing the picturesque simplicity of life in the countryside.

If this is the same atmosphere you want for your home, then decorating your home should be all about achieving a look that’s reminiscent of a modern country-house known for its peaceful and simple atmosphere. Create a balanced look using nature-inspired pieces made of rattan, and set them against stone walls, marble flooring, and a lot of greenery.

Romance and elegance

A Tuscan-style home is all about bringing the elegance and glory of the Renaissance into our modern world. Lean into the romance of this well-loved Italian region to build your dream haven during quarantine.

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