Work From Home Tips: What to Do When Power Goes Out

power outage

Since the pandemic, many businesses are starting to accept a new way to get everything done—remote work. Eighty-three percent of employers in 2020 claim that even when their employees are working from home, they’re still achieving success, although it can’t be denied that office setup may be better for team collaboration and relationship building.

Remote Work Will Remain Even After Pandemic

The office provided more work-life balance, unlike working from home where the two may have a thin line in between. Nevertheless, remote work is here to stay even after the pandemic. Its flexibility suits better for more experienced workers whereas the office setting suits better for the less experienced ones.

The majority of Americans like working remotely, stating that even if restrictions are lifted, they’d still continue to work from home. If you’re one among the many enjoying the flexibility of working at home, you may also be very familiar with the challenges that come with it.

Power Outage: The Biggest Challenge for Workers at Home

One of the most hassling challenges for remote work is power outages, which may have less impact in businesses’ offices that have backup generators or solar power on the ready. But for most workers at their own homes or rented spaces, it may not be an option—yet.

Finishing your backlogs can be tough, but when faced with power outages, it can get tougher. However, it can’t let your productivity down, especially when you act on it proactively.

You may have had plenty of stories regarding power disruptions affecting your work, so the best that you can do is be proactive since it’s most likely going to happen in the next inopportune times.

Here Are Ways You Can Deal with Power Outage While Working

Whether it’s due to the weather, human errors, and other reasons, power outages may cut your productivity off, even your coming paycheck, and no one wants that. Having a plan is crucial so you don’t go panicking any time it happens. Here are ways you can continue working even when the power goes out:

working remotely

Be updated on the news in your area

Call your power provider, follow their social media or news pages, and be updated on the latest news. Find out how long the power shortage will last, whether it’s isolated or widespread, and most importantly, when the power will return.

Most electricity providers provide notice first before cutting the power. Knowing when the shortage happens can greatly help you prepare everything that you need for work.

Let your client or boss know

Especially when you have urgent deadlines, your work impacts others, or the power interruption happens during your work hours, you need to inform whom you should about your current situation, whether they’d be your client or boss.

This way, they don’t assign you tasks that you may not finish on the deadline, delaying any operation, and know when or what other ways they can reach you. Make sure you give them detailed information about your present situation.

Prepare a power backup

Once you’ve heard that your area is going to experience a power shortage, it’s time to prepare your backup plans so that you don’t panic when the time comes. For your peace of mind, it’s better that you have a power generator, solar power system, or other sources of power.

This is so you don’t catch yourself off-guard in case of outages you’re not informed about. Another source of power can be your car, a giant charger, so make sure that you have a charger adapter ready all the time if your car doesn’t have one.

Have your go-to items ready

Other items to prepare include USB sticks or broadband Wi-Fi, fully charged power banks, extra batteries, and a list of the nearest business, co-working spaces, restaurants, cafes, or any local shop.

Mobile Wi-Fi can help you sync your work easily so that you can then switch to offline mode, work on any file, or secure an internet connection anytime. Also, make sure that the establishments you include in your list offer free access to Wi-Fi and let you connect to the outlets.

You can always choose to go to your office, especially if it’s just a few distances away. But if you choose to stay at home, be sure to conserve your gadgets’ batteries as much as possible. It’s not time to browse or post on social media; you’ll have to direct the energy toward finishing your tasks first.

Don’t be a cause of delay on your company’s operation; do your job informing whom you should and be proactive about preparing everything and all.

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