Who You Gonna Call?: Specialists You Should Contact When Your House Is Broken

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Living by yourself is easy when everything’s going fine. You go about your days, using the sink, flushing the toilet, or plugging in chargers to sockets. You wouldn’t think that these normal activities can somehow damage your house’s structures. But what do you do when things fall apart one by one? Do you know who to call then?

There’s no rule book about living alone and what to do when things don’t go as planned. If there was, life would be too easy. But there is always an option to ask for professional help when you can no longer fix things with duct tape or crossed fingers. When you find yourself in difficult situations, and you don’t know who to contact, refer to this list:

When You Have Broken Pipes or Leaking Faucets

You need to call the plumber. Plumbing services can fix everything that involves house pipes and waterworks, whether in your bathroom or kitchen. You can also call them whenever you have troubles with your dishwasher or washing machine.

Leaking pipes or faucets may be minor, but if they are left unchecked, it can cause flooding of wastewater or sewage sludge in your house. There is a time for duct tape and a time to call in help. A responsible homeowner should know the difference.

When You Have Pests in the House

You need to call an exterminator. A single fly or an ant is harmless. But if you think that the pests are doing damage to your house’s structural foundation, or posing a danger to your health, then it’s time to call pest control.

Exterminators can get rid of any infestation from rodents, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, and other pests that may be seeking shelter in your house without your knowledge. If left unchecked, these pests could cost you more in the long run.

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When You Suspect a Gas Leak

You need to call your utility company’s emergency line and alert the fire department fast. You can also dial 911 while you’re leaving the house’s premises. There is no time to wait around and doubt your suspicions. It’s better to have a false alarm than to cause an explosion because of a gas leak.

To avoid this happening again in the future, make sure to have your gas lines checked out and secured regularly. This is not a laughing matter because you never know when opening your stove or lighting a candle can cost you your life. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When You Keep Having Power Outages

You need to call a technician. If that happens more than a few times, the chances are that your house has old and faulty wiring. This causes your circuit breaker to take more than it can handle, resulting in an overload, which then causes power outages.

Having it fixed immediately will allow you to relax and use electricity with ease, without worrying that it will cause another short circuit. It will also lessen the chances of causing electrical fires or other problems in the long run.

When You Always Have a Muddy Yard

You need to call a landscaper. Rainwater that doesn’t drain properly might be causing your yard to be muddy, as well as attracting mosquitoes or damaging your plants. This can be happening because your drainage system is faulty.

If left unchecked, a faulty drainage system can also cause flooding in your basement or introduce moisture build-up in your house. Having an expert in landscaping can help you preserve your yard’s beauty and maintain it in the best possible way.

Having these expert contacts in your phone book and always at the ready will allow you to rest easy, knowing that you’re prepared for whatever can happen. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to call them at every sign of distress because you can still improvise before ultimately seeking professional help.

Fixers are there to offer their service at a price, and it’s up to you when you’re going to contact them. Here’s a pro tip for you: ask around about who your neighbors contact when they need help so that you have options. Different companies offer their services at different prices. To get the most bang for your buck, compare prices, and choose the ones you can afford and trust for the long run.

Living on your own will be a lot easier once you learn a few life hacks and survival instincts. Sooner or later, you’ll know how to do these things on your own so you can save both time and money. Besides, learning a few life skills here and there never hurts anyone.

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