Why You Should Spend on Your Bathroom’s Design or Renovation


When you’re single, you don’t think much about how your home looks like. As long as it is neat and organized, you’re fine with it. You are too busy pursuing a career, meeting friends, and nurturing relationships to be bothered by something as trivial as a bathroom makeover. But once the kids start to come or even a day after your wedding, you will realize that the little time you spend in the bathroom is all the personal space and time you have.

Homeowners don’t usually spend an enormous amount of money in designing, remodeling, and renovating a bathroom. For many, the bathroom has a simple function. It has to be clean and has to have the right fixtures. That’s it. All those additional pizzaz are just for aesthetics.

But that isn’t true, is it? The bathroom is more than just that area in your home you go to freshen up. In such an exhausting world, your bathroom can be your respite from the cruelties of realities. Had a bad day at work? Why don’t you soak in a warm tub of soapy water? Have a killer headache? Lounging in the bathtub with scented candles around you is the perfect method to treat your headache.

How Much Should Anyone Spend on a Bathroom Remodel?

Typically, a low-cost bathroom remodel should not be priced more than $2,500 while high-end renovations can cost more than $23,000. The average is somewhere between $9,000 and $11,000. It will depend, of course, if you want a bathtub and the contractors would need to rearrange your plumbing. That will cost more than fixing the existing fixtures in the room.

Modern vanity cabinets can cost a couple of thousands of dollars, but that’s something you cannot forego. Cabinets in the bathroom will keep all your essentials — bath towels and toiletries. They will make the bathroom look more organized. It’s one of those win-win investments you will regret not making.

It Has Been Quite a Stressful Life

If the past year did not stress you out, you’re one of the very few. Life, especially because of the coronavirus pandemic, has been pretty hectic and stressful for everyone. If you managed to survive with your job or business intact, renovating a part of your home where you feel most relaxed is an apt reward.

While some people find comfort in preparing food in the kitchen, most say that they just want to take a long and luxurious bubble bath, wrap themselves in their scented lotion, and lounge on the bed with the TV playing their favorite series. Having a spa-like bathroom in the home eliminates the need to go to one when you’re all trying to maintain social distancing.

It Is a Good Investment

beautiful bathroom sink

Homebuyers are willing to pay extra for a nice bathroom. That means, among others, they want two sinks, a glass-encased shower room, a bathtub (even a small one will do), and a space large enough to put their vanity mirror in. If you are thinking of someday selling your home, renovating the bathroom is still a pretty good idea provided that you be practical with your expectations. You won’t fully recuperate what you spent on the bathroom renovation, but you’ll have a portion of it back.

Even if it doesn’t become your home’s main selling point in the future, a bathroom is still a good enough investment at least for yourself. The stress that life brings is enough for anyone to want to soak in a hot tub every night. If you cannot recuperate the money you spend on your bathroom renovation, look at the bright side. You’re okay and probably still standing up because you invest in things that relax you.

It’s for the Future

Are you planning to grow old in that house? Then, you can think about renovating the bathroom for old age. Start installing handrailings, non-slip tiles, and even a zero-threshold shower for ease of getting in and out of the shower. If you have a medical condition, think about what you will need when you use the bathroom. Accessibility is a primary concern for aging adults. If you plan to sell the home in the future, this could be a feature worth having, too.

Sometimes, the reason why you should renovate your bathroom is that it doesn’t look good anymore. Who says you need a well-researched reason to remodel your bathroom? If you are in a financial position to do so, this is the best gift you can give yourself. When life gets you down, prep a bubble bath, open a bottle of wine, light some candles, and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ll be up on your feet afterward.

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