Your Home Improvement and Maintenance List for 2021

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For every homeowner, home improvement and maintenance are never-ending tasks. Most of these projects should be done weekly, monthly, or yearly. Regardless of which part of your house should come first, it’s vital to regularly carry them out. From those minor flooring fixes to insulation installation, everything must be monitored and serviced regularly. Doing so will allow you to save on monthly bills and expensive replacements.

While you can perform simple maintenance and improvements, you can also hire professionals or services for major projects related to plumbing or flooring. To make it easy for you, we’ve already listed down the top home improvement and maintenance projects you should prioritize carrying out this year.

1. Install proper insulation

One home improvement project to consider is insulating your house, allowing you to have cool air inside your home during summer and warm air during winter months. Having a properly insulated house is a great way to save energy, lower your electricity bills, and help the planet by being energy-efficient.

Insulation is also useful in preventing roof damage and mold. By adding a layer of insulation, your roof’s structure will have a moisture barrier, so you won’t have unwanted water leaking in your house. Other than that, insulation helps with noise pollution, soundproofing, and keeping a consistent temperature, leaving you with a comfortable home.

2. Clear out your gutters

This task isn’t challenging work, but most homeowners forget to do it. Gutters significantly contribute to your house’s aesthetics and curb appeal, and most importantly, they keep the water off of your roof during the rainy season. Neglecting them can lead to costly water damage or roof damage. Cleaning your gutters can prevent them from becoming a nesting spot for birds, rodents, and bugs, which, as you know, can invite diseases or germs in your home. Eliminating contaminants and bacteria can ensure the safety and health of your family members.

Moreover, removing trapped debris and moisture in your gutter helps in extending your roof’s lifespan. Fixing leaks or replacing the roof can be expensive, so ensure it’s not suffering from additional stress and weight due to clogged gutters.

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3. Clean your carpet

Your carpet is probably the one that experiences general wear and tear and dirt accumulation due to daily foot traffic. For such reason, it’s recommended to hire a professional cleaning service to effectively remove the buildup of debris and dirt, extending your carpet’s life. Carpet cleaning is also an effective way to eliminate allergens and dust in your home, which can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other health issues.

What’s more, this type of home maintenance also reduces the traffic lane effects or those dark parts of your carpet deteriorated due to foot traffic. In turn, this also improves the overall appearance of your living space.

4. Resurface your driveway

If your asphalt driveway is already chipped or cracked, consider acquiring a repaving service. Doing this will extend the life of your driveway and maintain its aesthetics. Resurfacing your driveway is a great alternative to sealing, which also acts as a protective topcoat and prevent extensive cracking of your driveway’s surface. This process involves complete replacement or removal of the asphalt’s top layers and is often preferred for driveways with extensive cracks or severe holes.

This project is best done during the summer seasons as asphalt is easier to pour, level, and spread if the temperature is warmer. Another great thing is that resurfacing the driveway does not cost too much, enabling you to save money for other home fixes.

5. Get drywall repairs

Do you have cracks and walls on your walls? Yes, they might look like a small problem, but if left untreated, the worst-case scenario is that your drywall will get damaged by water, which can eventually cause your roof to collapse. If you want to avoid that nightmare, seek a professional to inspect and repair holes on your wall thoroughly. On the other hand, if there’s already water damage, the professional may recommend having the entire drywall sheet replace to prevent mold from building up. Be careful if you opt to do the work yourself, and shoddy repairs can cause more problems once you apply the touch-up paint.

Regular upkeep for your house ensures your living space’s safety, increases its value, and helps you save money. From your fixtures, appliances to systems, make sure to do your regular checkup and maintenance to keep your house running efficiently. Don’t wait until the small issues become more significant and expensive problems!

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