For a Healthy Spring: Things to Avoid and What to Do Instead

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Springtime is that time of the year when we get to enjoy more sun and milder temperatures. But springtime illnesses are waving in the air and could be stopping your family from enjoying the season. This is why now is not the time to relax.

There are things you can do and avoid doing to make spring more tolerable and actually keep the whole family healthy. Here’s how:

What to Avoid #1: Starting Spring Cleaning Without a Plan

Many people make the mistake of opening their windows, cleaning ceiling fans last, and using harsh cleaners in hopes of getting all the allergens out. Others would skip mattress cleaning while others do everything on their own. The last thing you want is to trigger spring allergies with your unplanned spring cleaning.

What to Do Instead: Plan Everything Out

Start by prioritizing tasks according to urgency. You also want to consider outsourcing some help to make sure you get everything covered. You are better off conquering the hardest jobs first and allow yourself lots of breaks.

For instance, it’s been forever since you last tackled ventilation and air duct cleaning. All those dust, dirt, and allergens circulating inside your home will surely cause your allergies to say hello. Have the professionals work on this and you can have better indoor air quality in no time.

Avoid chemical cleaners and swap them with natural cleaners instead. Use baking soda on your bed, leave it for a few minutes, and vacuum it up. You get to say goodbye to dust mites and make sure the bed is clean after hibernating in winter.

Start cleaning from top to bottom, and not the other way around. Tackle one room at a time and keep family members with allergies away. Better yet, hire expert spring cleaners so you won’t have to do this yourself.

What to Avoid #2: Sugar, Salty and Processed Foods, and Refined Carbs

We love giving in to different temptations, especially our comfort foods. This includes sugary sweets, salty foods, processed meats, and highly refined carbs. But then, binge-eating on these types of foods can actually weaken your immune system.

What to Do Instead: Replace Cravings With Healthy Eating Habits

We get food cravings due to numerous reasons. This can be due to hormonal imbalances, lack of exercise or sleep, poor hydration, nutrient-poor diet, and many more. There can also be mental stress, including stress, negative moods, eating context, and impulsive or addictive personalities.

Adopting healthy eating habits can help you boost your immune system and reduce comfort food cravings. Be sure to plan your meals, add more color to your plate, and always eat on time. Eat more protein to ward off overeating and divert your attention instead of giving in to your cravings.

Keep yourself hydrated and avoid binge drinking. Eat probiotic foods like misokefir, kombucha, kimchi, yogurt, pickles, and load up onion and garlic. Remember that a healthy gut is a healthy body.

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What to Avoid #3: Spending More Time Outdoors

The problem with having allergies is that Spring brings in different allergens. When you spend more time outdoors, you can inhale those allergens and trigger your allergies. These can also stick in your clothes which introduces more allergens inside your home.

What to Do Instead: Avoid Going Outside

The weather may be tempting you to spend more time outside to exercise and have fun. But with your allergies, it will be best to avoid being outdoors. Consider working out inside the house instead.

When it becomes a must that you leave the house, be sure to wear face masks. Masks can help filter allergens. If you use the non-disposable ones like cloth masks, be sure to wash them after every use to get rid of the pollen.

After returning home, take a shower asap to rinse off any pollen that stuck while you were out. If you have pets that often play outdoors, give them a bath more frequently. They can also bring in allergens indoors after a fun-filled day in your backyard.

What to Avoid #4: Self-Medication

You’ve tried everything, from staying indoors and taking over–the–counter medications. You find temporary relief, only for your allergies to come back in full force. Continuous self-medication can lead actually lead to sleep disruption and serious complications.

What to Do Instead: Consult Your Doctor

Sometimes, we think of our condition as a regular spring allergy. But when everything fails, it is best to talk to a professional. They can help diagnose your condition through a series of tests and prescribe the right intervention. They can help find out your allergy triggers and recommend the best ways you can avoid and deal with these triggers.

Spring allergies can be a menace. These can stop you from doing what you are supposed to do and ruin your spring. Knowing what to do and what you need to avoid will help you go through each spring in the healthiest way possible.

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