How Your Home Affects Your Mental Health

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Have you ever found it difficult to concentrate in a cluttered environment? Have you also felt well-rested and recharged after a night or two in a wonderful hotel? That’s because your environment can affect your mental health and productivity.

Your home does more than shelter you from the environment. Your home is your haven, your safe place. It is an extension of who you are. It is a place where you spend private and happy moments with the people who matter to you. Your home, whether you know it or not, can greatly affect your quality of life.

Read on how to create a home that is healthy for you, from minimizing the clutter to maintaining your yard through professional landscape pavers.

How Your Home Affects Your Mental Health

  • It affects your mood. How your home is set can impact how you feel. Rooms with more light, whether natural or artificial can help boost your mood. Natural light can also help reduce the risks of depression. Dark rooms, in turn, can make you feel gloomy.
  • It can affect your motivation. A messy desk or room makes it difficult for you to be productive. Keeping everything in order allows for a calmer and clearer mind.
  • It can create or add to your stress. Messy and problematic homes can add to the load that’s already on your mind. Is the dishwasher not working properly? Are the lights in the kitchen not working? Did a pest create a mess in the garage or the garden? These can all add to your daily stress and mentally drain you.
  • It can affect your comfort. Your home is a place for rest. If the HVAC is not working properly on a summer day, you will not get a comfortable sleep and will wake up feeling more tired and grumpy.

Make Your Home Good for Your Mental Health

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Get rid of the clutter.

Clutter is not only an eyesore, but it can also affect your mental health. Clutter is one of the sources of stress, and it can be exhausting to keep tabs on so many things in your home. While organizing is the key to having a more conducive space, owning less can actually do you more good.

Go through all the clothes in your closet, all the books on your shelves, the dishes in the cupboard, and all the knick-knacks you have. Which of these items do you really use and will continue to use in the future? Let go of the clothes that you have not used in a year, the books you have no plan on rereading and have no sentimental value, and the extra dishes that you have in the cupboard. You know you don’t need 50 plates when there’s only four of you in the house. When you keep only the important things that you use, you will save time from organizing too much stuff and save precious storage space.

Call your trusted handyman.

Regular maintenance of your home is important. A properly maintained home can save you from costly repairs and replacement. Maintaining your home reduces the risks of having problems with your home utilities and fixtures. By maintaining your roof, you ensure that you won’t have problems when the rainy days come in. By having your plumbing inspected, you reduce the risks of leaky faucets and showers.

Proper home maintenance can keep your home safe and fully functional. Home issues can negatively affect your mood and can weigh in on your mind, making you less productive and more stressed.

Do not forget your backyard.

An immaculately maintained yard can make your home more relaxing. Call a professional landscaper to create functional spaces in your yard. Pergolas and decks are great ways to create more space where you can relax and have fun with your family. Having space to relax, look up to the sky, and just breathe in some fresh air is good for your mental health and well-being. You can use it as your own personal retreat when you just want some peace before you tackle your tasks.

Bring in natural light and fresh air.

Natural light is important to your mood and mental well-being. Natural light helps the body to release Vitamin D and serotonin. Both are essential for a better mood, good appetite, and to get quality sleep. You will feel happier and lighter if your home has sufficient natural light. It can also help you achieve focus and be more productive.

Sufficient fresh air gives your body oxygen which is needed for your brain to function properly. So the next time you feel low, open those windows and let the sunshine and cool air in.

Your home is important for a happier and healthier you. Work on your home to make it more conducive and healthy for you and your family.

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