Cleaning Your Lungs: Natural Ways to Breathing Fresher Air

Our lungs are one of the most important parts of the body in everyone’s mind. This isn’t a surprise when our lungs help supply our bloodstream with much-needed oxygen that many of our body’s cells need. By releasing carbon dioxide as waste and bringing oxygen to the body, we can adapt to different changes in the environment and supply our body with oxygen that’s vital in different bodily functions.

But just like other parts of our body, like our heart, muscles, and other internal organs, we need to have a healthy lifestyle to ensure that these organs are in a pristine and functional condition. But other than having a well-balanced diet and exercising, our lungs will also need fresh and clean air to perform well.

However, cleansing our lungs and breathing fresh air that can keep much of our breathing in good condition is easier said than done, especially when air pollution is constantly rising in the past few years. In fact, recent studies have shown that air pollution can kill around 7 million individuals around the world annually. Even those living in relatively “clean” areas that get the minimum amount of air pollution are still susceptible to its long-term effects. Some health complications caused by air pollution are stroke, heart disease, and lunch cancer.

Since our lungs are essential to our overall health and keep our body in a fully functional condition for daily tasks, we have to know how to keep our lungs clean. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

How Can You Keep Your Lungs Cleansed?

But before we discuss different ways to keep our lungs in good condition, we have first to know why maintaining a healthy set of lungs can help us in the long run.

Cleansing our lungs can serve a myriad of different benefits. Some individuals have the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which can have some adverse effects on our lungs and ultimately make breathing difficult. Although these health complications are serious, cleansing our lungs can help free up the linings of the lungs and clear mucus that can make breathing difficult.

Many individuals that have quit smoking will also experience a variety of benefits from having clean lungs. Usually, most individuals who have been smoking for years will experience long-term damage to their lungs. Cleansing your lungs can help improve the function of the lungs and alleviate symptoms of long-term smoking.

Other studies show that individuals with preexisting conditions, such as asthma, can better manage their symptoms and breathe easier with cleaner lungs. If you have “healthy” lungs, then there’s also no hurt in doing these practices. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

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First and foremost, one of the most important ways of cleansing your lungs is keeping much of your living space’s environment in good condition. This means that you’ll need to increase your home’s air quality. It’s important to remember that dust and microscopic particles in the air can cause various complications to your lungs, especially in allergic reactions.

In addition to minute particles that could cause problems, several disease-causing pathogens also use the air as a means of transmission. In fact, studies have shown COVID-19 and many other airborne diseases thrive in buildings and homes with poor ventilation and air conditioning systems.

That said, you’ll need to ensure that your home’s HVAC system is kept in a pristine condition to ensure that all the inhabitants are breathing fresh and clean air. Fortunately, dryer vent cleaning services are staffed with experts who are well-versed with HVAC systems and ensuring that everyone is breathing clean air.

Postural Drainage

Most medical professionals would suggest a tried-and-tested method called postural drainage, which is a method that can help clear up your lungs.

  1. Get yourself in a comfortable position, either lying on your back, stomach, or side. You must do this while your stomach is empty.
  2. Stay within this position for quite some time while breathing through your nostrils or your mouth.
  3. You will feel that your lungs will slowly start to drain out all the mucus that can cause complications with breathing.

Start Drinking Herbal Tea

drinking hot tea

Lastly, one of the best ways of clearing up your airways is by drinking tea, especially green herbal tea in particular. Most research has found that green tea contains various antioxidants known for helping with allergic reactions and inflammation, which can help your lungs cope if you are located in an area with pollution or thick with industrial smog.

Our lungs are known for being one of the most important organs in the body, but it’s also known for being one of the most vulnerable vital organs that our body can’t live without. Knowing how to keep our lungs clean and healthy doesn’t take years of expert knowledge. Keeping it in a pristine condition is relatively simple and can give your body many benefits. Most individuals with breathing problems or those who need to strengthen their lung function can try these health tips.

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