5 Ways to Make Your Apartment a Safe Haven in the Middle of the City

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Life in the big city is often fast-paced and full of excitement. There’s always something to do, people to meet, and places to be; so much so that you may often find yourself in a rapid, ever-changing cycle that is called city life. But no matter how exciting or fun life in the city can be, you still need a place where you can relax and slow down, and for many of us, it’s at home.

But what if you live in an apartment where the constant buzz of the world around you still manages to seep inside? Here are some simple ways on how to turn your apartment into your very own safe haven in the middle of the big city:

1. Increase natural light

Natural light provides a lot of benefits to a home. For one, it can make a small space feel larger than it really is. Moreover, natural light is the best type of light to brighten up a room and make it look warmer.

Natural light also does wonders for those who are constantly exposed to it throughout the day. The more natural light you have in the room, the more productive, happy, and motivated you will be. And if you work from home, having lots of natural light is an excellent way to boost your performance.

Here are the best ways to increase the natural light in your apartment:

  • Keep the curtains open
  • Ditch the drapes and invest in light-colored curtains instead
  • Clean the windows regularly
  • Remove objects that may be blocking the windows
  • Place mirrors around the room for light to bounce off of
  • Invest in lighter window treatments

2. Buy things that remind you of home

For many of us, our idea of peace is our home. Not our city apartment, but the home we grew up in where we spent most of our happiest memories with family and friends. That said, it may be a great idea to make your home reminiscent of your old one. For instance, if you grew up on a farm, you could invest in a stylish barn door for your kitchen or living room. They don’t take a lot of effort to install, and your landlord may agree as long as you fill the holes you drill to install the door before you leave.

Or if you grew up in a mid-century home, you could furnish your apartment with mid-century style pieces of furniture. They don’t have to be expensive–in fact, many mid-century furniture is available for affordable prices in antique stores and online selling sites.

3. Soundproof

One of the biggest downsides of living smack dab in the middle of a big city is noise pollution. Even when it’s dead of night, there’s always something making noise outside, be it a barking dog, a pack of teens rolling down the street, or a car alarm going off. Let’s not forget the neighbors as well, who may not be considerate enough to keep the noise down.

The best way to avoid outside noise from disturbing your yoga session or quiet bath is to soundproof your apartment as much as possible. There are several ways you can do this, and some of the most effective ones are to:

  • Push heavy furniture against the wall
  • Hang thick tapestries or wall art
  • Lay down rugs on the floors
  • Install decorative soundproofing panels
  • Put removable material in the gaps around doors and windows
  • Hang soundproof curtains on your windows

If these methods don’t work as well as you wanted them to, it may be time to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones or a white noise machine.

4. Create a space for your hobbies

Have a separate space to engage in your passions, be it painting, yoga, pottery, or knitting. In this way, you can have a special place for all your hobby stuff, and at the same time, you have an area that you associate with the positive feeling that you get from your hobbies.

5. Purge

Clutter can serve as additional stimuli for the brain, which can make you even more stressed after a hard day’s work. That said, it is important to purge the stuff that you no longer want or need in order to achieve peace in your own home. If you let your apartment stay cluttered, your mind will likely stay cluttered as well.

Use these simple tips to create your own version of peace despite being in a big city. In doing so, you can have a space for total rest and relaxation, helping you regroup before facing the world outside again.

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